19th FAI European Gliding Championships - Lasham 2017

Lasham, United Kingdom,   13 August 2017 – 26 August 2017

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Bulletin 2

Bulletin 2 and Official Entry Form.
Bulletin 2 and the Official Entry Form can now be downloaded from the Downloads section of our website.

All competitors should note that it is mandatory to submit an Official Entry. Even if you already submitted a Preliminary Entry, you must also submit an Official Entry.

Official Entries must be submitted by the deadline of 12th April 2017 on the Official Entry Form. Download the Official Entry Form as an editable pdf file from the Downloads section of our website: http://www.egc2017.co.uk

Save the Official Entry Form to your hard drive, then open the pdf file in order to activate the editable fields and drop down menus. The form is designed to be completed using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. This can be downloaded from Adobe using the following link:https://get.adobe.com/uk/reader

Print your Official Entry Form after completing all fields. The Official Entry Form must be signed and stamped by a National Aero Club Official. Then email a scanned copy of your Official Entry Form complete with NAC stamp to entries@egc2017.co.uk

If you have any difficulties with completing the entry form, please contact us by email at: entries@egc2017.co.uk and we will do our best to help you through the entry process.

Andy Davis, Championship Director

12 March, 2017.

Written by: Benedict Smith on 28 March 2017 at 16:43.

Bulletin 1 and Preliminary Entry Form available to download now

Bulletin_1_EGC2017 Preliminary_Entry_Form_EGC2017_Lasham

Written by: Benedict Smith on 13 December 2016 at 19:23.
Edited by: Benedict Smith on 13 December 2016 at 21:30.

Latest winner

1. Henrik A. Breidahl 85.96 km/h
2. Tim Scott 82.84 km/h
3. Gary Stingemore 82.84 km/h
Updated: 20/08/2017, 20:07
1. Arne J. Boye-Møller 100.89 km/h
2. Peter Szabo 99.22 km/h
3. Mike Young 96.44 km/h
Updated: 20/08/2017, 18:08
1. Peter Harvey 117.04 km/h
2. Pierre de Broqueville 107.17 km/h
3. Holger Karow 106.43 km/h
3. Michael Sommer 106.38 km/h
Updated: 20/08/2017, 18:04

Latest task

Task 8, 20 Aug 2017
Task distance: 201.14 km
Updated: 20/08/2017, 18:50
Task 8, 20 Aug 2017
Task distance: 207.61 km
Updated: 20/08/2017, 18:06
Task 8, 20 Aug 2017
Task distance: 212.01 km
Updated: 20/08/2017, 18:02