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Club class
1.Matthew SCUTTERSA4207
2.Alex McCAWNZ3856
3.Eric STAUSSSA3846

LX Navigation
LX Navigation has been in gliding for more than 30 years with more than 10.000 units built until today. This covers whole area of gliding – from club glider equipment, flight recorders to Flarm units and sophisticated gliding computers. During last three years the whole production palette has been upgraded to future oriented technology.
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Latest Winner

Club class
1. STAUSS 122.0km/h
2. SCUTTER 121.6km/h
3. McMILLAN 118.1km/h
(updated 14/12 at 10:54)

Latest Task

Club class
Day 5, 14/12/2013
AusScore, 04:00:00
Dist.: 212.8km/679.5km
(updated 14/12 at 10:54)

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