Booker CP Challenge 2

Chiltern Park, Velká Británie,   20. června 2020 – 21. června 2020

Day 2 Scrubbed

Sadly today is also scrubbed. There is a window for soaring but we are not able to set a suitable task for the competition to safely fly under the present circumstances.

The good news is that Monday looks excellent!

Zapsal: Jim White , 21. června 2020 7:45.

Saturday is scrubbed

Unfortunately Nils was unable to make some nice wx for today. Will be OK for a short task towards the end of the day but not suitable for our competition in the present circumstances. So today is scrubbed. We will try again tomorrow.
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Zapsal: Jim White , 20. června 2020 7:58.

Saturday Briefing

Please remember to attend Richard's briefing tomorrow at 0830 where Richard will do the airfield and airspace brief, and Nils will give us some nice weather.
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Zapsal: Jim White , 19. června 2020 14:51.


Please remember the change to logger rates in the 2020 rule book. It should be 1s logging if your logger is able to record several hours at that rate.
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Zapsal: Jim White , 19. června 2020 14:49.

Booker CP Challenge 2

Following the successful BCPC last weekend we are going to do it again! Now open to visiting pilots up to a maximum entry of 18. DHTs and fun all round.
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Zapsal: Jim White , 18. června 2020 20:47.