Western Cape Regional Championships 2021

Worcester, Jihoafrická republika,   23. ledna 2021 – 30. ledna 2021

29th Sept 2020

Lots of interest from our local Cape Gliding Club as well from pilots up country, so this is going to be a big one in 2021. Four tugs arranged at this stage (2 x Slings, 1 x Samba and 1 x Rotax Falke). Entries will be sent out in the next week, but we need to carefully access all our costs, to decide on an entry fee. On the subject of, we will have an early bird discounted entry fee for those who enter before the end of October 2020. Looking forward to loads of entries. Roll on WCR2021!

Zapsal: Kevin Mitchell , 29. září 2020 17:55.
Publikováno: Kevin Mitchell , 29. září 2020 17:57.

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