Bidford Regionals 2019

Bidford, United Kingdom,   22 June 2019 – 30 June 2019


1 UG Andy Balkwill 1,615
2 W Bill Inglis 1,601
3 A David McCarthy 1,559

Welcome to Bidford

  • You’ve heard it all before but what's important for a good comp?
  • Location, location, location – Bidford is one of the best for making the most of the weather.
  • It's a very friendly club – many competitors return year after year including some world winners.
  • Very popular café with excellent food and an affordable bar.
  • Bring your own crew or not – small wings big wings wood or glass and we will look after you.
  • Good accommodation, restaurants, golf clubs and tourist centres all locally.
  • Or bring your own caravan or tent we have space for you.
  • Entries capped at 30 gliders.
  • First timers and pundits alike are welcome.
  • After previous years' success, we again plan to use the new “variable beer can” tasks giving a fair racing task for all types of glider performance.
  • K6s can/do compete with Nimbus 4s.

  • Entry Form can be opened HERE we'd love to see you.

Written on 14 September 2018 at 08:18.

Latest winner

1. Bill Inglis 95.37 km/h
2. David McCarthy 94.07 km/h
3. Andy Balkwill 92.90 km/h
Updated: 24/09/2019, 10:37

Latest task

Task 5, 30 Jun 2019
Task distance: 178.73 km
Updated: 17/08/2019, 13:30

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