Lasham Grand-Prix 2019

Lasham, United Kingdom,   14 September 2019 – 15 September 2019

Task 1, Grand Prix, 14 September 2019

Task version: w (v6)
Turnpoint Distance Direction Observation zone
Lasham Start North 2.10 km 143.4° Line 4.00 km (Radius 2.00 km)
Andover SW 31.78 km 268.6° Symmetric, Rmin=5.00 km, Rmax=20.00 km, Angle=90.0°, Cylinder R=5.00 km
Didcot 49.78 km 20.0° Symmetric, Rmin=5.00 km, Rmax=20.00 km, Angle=90.0°, Cylinder R=5.00 km
Basingstoke West 41.01 km 173.2° Cylinder R=0.50 km
Lasham Finish North 9.91 km 121.9° Cylinder R=3.00 km
Total: 132.49 km

Task notes

DHT Task - See other sheet for barrel sizes for your handicap
START: LA6 2km Radius Line
TP1: AND Variable Barrel
TP2: DID Variable Barrel
TP3: BGW 0.5km Barrel Control Point
Finish: LAS 3KM Radius Ring

START LINE will open approx 1 hour after club grid launch

Start line opening will be announced on 130.105
20m, 10m, 5m, 2m, 1m calls and 20s count down will be made
FINISH RING 3KM centered on LAS

Call 10k from the ring and crossing the ring. FINISH CALLS 130.025
Additional Penalty:
Aerobatics Competiton to the South and East of Lasham. Please stay north of the Airfield.
Any gliders reported as entering into the aerobatic box will be disqualified.

Flypast at Greenham Common 14:40 BST onwards

Benson: 127.150
Middle Wallop Gliding: 118.600