UK Junior Nationals & Cotswold Regionals 2020

Aston Down, Velika Britanija,   22. avgust 2020 – 30. avgust 2020

Regionals entry now open!

The Cotswold Regionals is open to any cross-country pilot with a silver badge. Whether it's your first ever competition or you're an experienced competitor looking for a fun week's flying, this is the competition for you ... and if you've recently become too old to fly the Juniors, then this is an opportunity to keep flying with them!

Good reasons to fly the Cotswold Regionals:
- Large, easy airfield in a beautiful part of the country
- Very few airspace restrictions, offering excellent tasking options
- Mutual crewing to make sure everyone gets home every day
- Excellent on-site facilities, including campsite electric points
- Great catering service and a well-stocked bar

Entry form:

Napisal: Matt Page dne 01. oktober 2019 16:46.
Popravil: Matt Page dne 01. oktober 2019 16:47.