[Condor]Australia Condor 2 Competition

Austral Downs, Avstralija,   20. maj 2020 – 03. junij 2020


1 OBH Luke Swinkels(Ventus 3-18) 5.169
2 MH Marc Hugelshofer(JS1-21) 3.732
3 GY Steve Coulton(Libelle) 3.228

New to condor racing please read!

Hello New Condor Racer

Here is a bit of information to read before your first race

So, condor 2 races happen every Wednesday night from 7 to around 8.15

We handicap the races so you can fly whatever glider you like and make sure you are full of water because you are handicap as ballasted gliders

Because we are handicapping the race you will need to upload an igc file to a google drive after every race to be scored. And the score will be put up on soaring spot https://www.soaringspot.com/en_gb/australia-condor-2-competition-austral-downs-2020/

Here is the link to the google drive and there are tutorial videos on how to download landscape and how to get an igc file out of condor 2 https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1d4SGJ56ZoZIj3Z5gnN4TIRVz7-kPQkjj

We are currently racing in the Christchurch landscape which is in the google drive as well.

I usually put the sever up around 6.40 PM AEST and joining stops at 7.10

The server name is Australia Gliding and there is no Password and you can always find it on the condor soaring website https://www.condorsoaring.com/serverlist/?wdt_search=cndr2

We always start airborne so look before you turn so you do not crash into anyone

We start flying around 7 PM AEST so be close to your computer a 7

It’s not a regatta start so start whenever you like

And if you have any question just email me peter04brunton@gmail.com

Napisal: Peter Brunton dne 28. maj 2020 07:58.

Zadnji zmagovalec

1. James Curry(Antares) 204,54 km/h
2. Norm Bloch(JS1-21) 208,43 km/h
3. Mike Codling(Antares) 202,07 km/h
Posodobljeno: 11. 06. 20 08:15

Najnovejša naloga

Naloga 6, 10. jun. 2020
Razdalja naloge: 176,64 km
Posodobljeno: 11. 06. 20 08:27