Cunderdin, Avstralija,   30. januar 2021 – 14. februar 2021


1 S10 Rob Hanbury 794
2 IIF James Cooper 647
3 UCR Chris Runeckles 610


This is a real comp that we are trying to run at our club in Western Australia. We intend to fly it any day in the season that we have enough pilots. And it is handicapped for the glider and the pilots to encourage everyone to fly for fun.

It is a racing task, start together, race together, and get back together. This is done by following the http://www.handicaptask.uk/ variable distance method. It is fun and works for our wide range from new to old pilots in Ka6 to JS3s.

But we still need to check traces and work out scores. This test is to try to get HandicapTask to set the barrel sizes, adjust the traces and SeeYou to score it - easily! So far we are struggling to get it to work.

The 30/1/2021 race was eventually scored in this test by manually editing the IGC files. We hope to get HandicapTask to do this. HandicapTask easily sets the barrel sizes. But so far it is not editing the IGC file correctly.


Napisal: Rob Hanbury dne 06. februar 2021 03:38.

Najnovejša naloga

Naloga 5, 14. feb. 2021
Razdalja naloge: 311,24 km  /  314,73 km  (312,98 km)
Posodobljeno: 14. 02. 21 18:09