Northern Regionals 2010

Velika Britanija,   31. julij 2010 – 08. avgust 2010

Day 3

Day 3 - more of the same forecast. It was a difficult call deciding what tasks to set, but we set some anyway.

All of the competitors were lined up on the grid, ready to go, when several large showers appeared in the intended task area. The Director, Met. man and myself banged our heads together for a while, before deciding to call a front-of-grid re-brief for Task C of 104.5Km.

This task went out to the west and then north, where it wasn't showering at the time. However, by the time we'd given the competitors the regulation time to reset their flight computers and loggers, it had started to shower in the new task area! The showers weren't widespread at that point, so we sent them anyway.

The result was that only two competitors finished, with a large proportion landing out, and others landing back without finishing. However at least we got a day out of it.

As for me, I must apologise for the lack of blogs yesterday. My hubby landed out and we had fun fetching him, and then there was the end-of-comp party to attend. Better late than never eh?

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