Booker Red Kite - Chiltern Challenge Cup

Chiltern Park, Velká Británie,   11. července 2020 – 17. července 2020

Entry form

link to Booker GC web site -> entry form

Zapsal: Peter Wyld , 29. června 2020 7:22.
Publikováno: Peter Wyld , 29. června 2020 7:50.

Change of Location and duration!

Due to unavailability of Wycombe Air Park, the Booker Regionals 2020 will be held at Chiltern Park. The duration will now be 7 days instead of the traditional 9, (Saturday 11 July - Friday 17 July)
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Zapsal: Peter Wyld , 27. června 2020 7:56.

initial info.

Entry list posted current as at today's date, please check your details and inform organisation/scorer if incorrect, it would be helpful if you (competitors) could send an igc file from each of your flight recorders and a note of your Flarm ID to bookerscorer at Turnpoints and airspace files will be posted here at least a month before the competition.
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Zapsal: Peter Wyld , 24. února 2020 18:41.