Bulgarian National Gliding Championship - 2023

Blagoevo, Bulharsko,   6. srpna 2023 – 12. srpna 2023


1 BJ Ivelin Kalushkov 1 578
2 GV Georgi Georgiev 1 252
3 DVA Todor Simeonov 1 043

Day 7 - Race on

The last day of the competition was finally marked by good conditions.

A 190 km task was set.

Half of the teams were still on retrieve so an individual time task was set.

All competitors managed to complete the task altough the latest start was marked as 16:30.

Ivelin Kalushkov was first for the day with average speed of 82 kph followed closely by Nikolay Stoyanov.


Due to late scoring a mistake occured which unfortunately was noticed after the price giving ceremony.

After the pre-last task re-score the final results were:

1-st - Ivelin Kalushkov

2-nd Georgi Georgiev

3-rd - Todor Simeonov


A difference of only 1 point was separating 3-rd and 4-th place.


We thank all the sponsors for making this happen:


Congratulations to the winners!

Zapsal: Skynomad Bulgaria , 14. srpna 2023 14:01.

Day 6 - Shadow Run

After a rainy night an AAT task was set expecting dificult conditions. Unfortunately the weather didn't surprise us and prooved us right - big overcast shadowed out the competition area. 3/5 competitors outlanded saefly and Samuil Kazakow managed to complete the task becoming first for the day.
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Zapsal: Skynomad Bulgaria , 14. srpna 2023 13:49.
Publikováno: Skynomad Bulgaria , 14. srpna 2023 13:53.

Day 5 - Cancelled due to storms

Our Sponsor and main forecaster - Skysight has been again spot on the forecast with storms arriving almost on the clock according to forecast. Sadly producing unflyable weather - day is cancelled.
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Zapsal: Skynomad Bulgaria , 10. srpna 2023 10:05.

Day 4 - Task 1

And after a few days of tricky weather ... we got a tricky task. 201 km task was set with a forecast for strong conditions and reliable cloudlines. Day started strong with amazing skies at 10:30, unfortunately strong inversion above cloudbase caused horizontal overdevelopment and big shadows with unreliable cloud cycles. Despite that the competitors finished the task with very close times. Looking forward to the next days.
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Zapsal: Skynomad Bulgaria , 9. srpna 2023 17:56.
Publikováno: Skynomad Bulgaria , 10. srpna 2023 10:02.

Days 2, and 3 -Cancelled due to bad weather

Unfortunately strong winds, coudy skies and rain have grounded us for the first 3 days. Looking forward for the next days with conditions hopefully improving.
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Zapsal: Skynomad Bulgaria , 8. srpna 2023 21:39.

Day 1 - Day cancelled!

Practice day and day 1 have been cancelled due to strong winds and storms. Looking forward to first competition day on Monday
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Zapsal: Skynomad Bulgaria , 6. srpna 2023 10:37.


We are very happy to share that our small event is sponsored by: Летище Благоево - Blagoevo Airport   Aeroclub Ludogorie   LXNAV    Naviter SeeYou #pilotexcellence   SkySight   Fidoks Heating & Fidoks Bulgaria Български Национален Аеро Клуб   SkyNomad Paragliding
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Zapsal: Skynomad Bulgaria , 30. července 2023 23:28.
Publikováno: Skynomad Bulgaria , 30. července 2023 23:30.

Poslední vítěz

1. Ivelin Kalushkov 82,77 km/h
2. Nikolay Stoyanov 78,58 km/h
3. Georgi Georgiev 61,51 km/h
Aktualizováno: 24.02.24 17:33

Poslední úloha

Úloha 7, 12. 8. 2023
Vzdálenost v úloze: 188,27 km
Aktualizováno: 12.08.23 12:29

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