Husbands Bosworth Challenge Cup & ISRGC 2022

Husbands Bosworth, Velká Británie,   16. července 2022 – 23. července 2022

Latest Update ISRGC Inclusion

I am pleased to announce that the Interservices Regional Gliding Competition (ISRGC) 2022 will be run as Part of the Hus Bos Challenge Cup 2022. I extend a warm welcome to all Service Men and Women to HB.

Due to the inclusion of ISRGC into the competiton I have split the contest into 2 classes, one for handicap below100 and one for above 100 handicap  


Colin Davey


Comp Director

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Welcome to Hus Bos Challenge Cup 2022

Welcome to the Hus Bos Challenge Cup of 2022. HB is the home of one of the most successful UK competitions and depending on numbers of entrants we will be using DHT (distance Handicap Tasks)  Our unique location in the centre of the country together with feeedom from airspace restrictions means that we can set tasks to the east coast, to the Humber in the north, or across to Wales and down to Lasham. Hus Bos is a very friendly club, don't just take our word, many competitors return year after ye...
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