3rd FAI 13.5 m World Gliding Championship

Pavullo, Itálie,   1. září 2019 – 14. září 2019


13.5 metrová
1 VS Stefano Ghiorzo 5 405
2 LR2 Uli Schwenk 5 301
3 GT Thomas Gostner 5 028

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Tracking WGC 13.5m & eGlide (2019-09-05)

Zapsal: Aldo Cernezzi , 5. září 2019 13:32.
Publikováno: Aldo Cernezzi , 5. září 2019 13:35.

Daily news.

28 agosto PRACTICE DAY 1 Today first practice day of WGC 13,5m. First official competition day will be on September the 1st. From 1st to 8th Sept there will be “E-Glide Competition” and from 1st to 14th sept, the World Gliding Championship. We had a daily briefing about airspaces, radio frequencies and local rules by the contest director, Aldo Cernezzi, and the meteo man Ezio Sarti, today’s meteo conditions are very weak but probabily some pilots will fly to discover the area. 29 ago, PRACTICE D...
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Zapsáno 2. září 2019 21:08.

A simple Guide to Outlandings in the Contest Area

  We have published a PDF file with information about landing out of Pavullo. It includes descriptions and photos of a few of the sites included in the Waypoints database. Please note that you must apply good judgment and airmanship in the selection and evaluation of landing sites.
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Zapsal: Aldo Cernezzi , 31. srpna 2019 21:10.
Publikováno: Aldo Cernezzi , 31. srpna 2019 21:11.

New waypoint file "2019_V2" has been published

  Today we published a new TP database. Please visit the Files and the Downloads sections.
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Zapsal: Aldo Cernezzi , 28. srpna 2019 10:28.

Welcome in Pavullo!

    We are happy to see some of the best international pilots arriving in Pavullo. It's nice to reunite with such good friends!   The official training will begin tomorrow. Today, we have a simple meteo forecast printed on paper and published on the official board in the Briefing room "Sala B" (behind the first hangar). An AAT has been set, for those who want to explore the procedures and the routine.   Everyone at the club are working on the last details and refinements.   Technical inspection...
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Zapsal: Aldo Cernezzi , 27. srpna 2019 10:04.

Final entries deadline, extended to June 30th, 2019

With the approval of the IGC, we are pleased to announce that the deadline for submitting the Entry Forms and for the payment of the Entry Fee of the World Gliding Championship has been extended. All National Airsports Controls (NACs) may complete the Final Entries within June 30th, 2019. We believe this will enable all participating nations to complete the procedures and to organise their team tranfers.
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Zapsal: clara bartolini , 7. června 2019 16:39.

Local Procedures - published in Downloads section

  Local Procedures - published in Downloads section    
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Zapsal: Aldo Cernezzi , 14. května 2019 16:10.
Publikováno: Aldo Cernezzi , 14. května 2019 16:12.

Web site

Visit our web site: http://www.wgc2019.it/ Entries, download, Contest Data, useful info...
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Zapsal: clara bartolini , 11. května 2019 15:59.

April 25th - Minimoa magazine

"MINIMOA" Magazine of Schempp-Hirth Sailplanes, is writing about 3rd Championship in PAVULLO! See the gallery with image about Word and European Championships all around the word in 2019. https://www.schempp-hirth.com/fileadmin/Minimoa/Minimoa_Sn4_April_2019.pdf  
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Zapsal: clara bartolini , 25. dubna 2019 20:34.
Publikováno: clara bartolini , 25. dubna 2019 20:52.

April 15th - Work in progress!

Waiting for the 3rd FAI World Championship! We are building the new perimeter airport road, even pedestrian. We completed the future relax area available to all the visitors. Other works are going on to the realization of the methane gas distribution network and to bring water in grid for the gliders. The airport will remain closed to traffic until 3 May for the execution of a new paving of the runway. Helicopter activity will continue regularly.
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Zapsáno 18. dubna 2019 21:55.

Poslední vítěz

1. Thomas Gostner 63,98 km/h
2. Stefano Ghiorzo 63,14 km/h
3. Christoph Matkowski 62,38 km/h
Aktualizováno: 14.09.19 23:55

Poslední úloha

Úloha 11, 14. 9. 2019
Vzdálenost v úloze: 111,83 km  /  254,00 km  (181,58 km)
Čas úlohy: 2:25:00
Aktualizováno: 14.09.19 23:55
Úloha 6, 7. 9. 2019
Vzdálenost v úloze: 216,38 km
Aktualizováno: 07.09.19 15:39

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