National Gliding Championships Taupo 2020

Taupo, Nový Zéland,   2. února 2020 – 15. února 2020

Back on the air

Well here we are at the end of the first week, and back on the air in more ways than one. Apologies for the lack of news over the last few days, but we are having a few technical issues.

Anyway we're definitely back on track with the gliding; several good days, and at least one GREAT day when thermals were powerful and plentiful, and streets were bustling with fast traffic at 6,500 ft.

Wednesday was the first good day, and a racing task was set up to Thames and back. The westerly that had been so annoying for the first couple of days proved a bonus on the Kaimais, so most had a fun day. The winners were Tim Bromhead in his new toy ZK-GOP in the Open class, and Mark Wilson in the Libelle showing how it should be done in the Racing class.

The next day, Thursday, had similar conditions so a similar task was set and again Tim took the honours in the Open class but local lad Trace Austin pipped Mark for first place in the Racing class.

Friday was a boomer. An AAT task was set, and it was one of those days when everything that that you thought should work actually did, so everyone arrived back with a smile on their face, especially our two winners again, Tim and Mark.

Saturday was Soggyday, and most were quite glad of a day off. The Contest Director was the winner that day - on the golf course!

Today, Sunday, was again a good day, although not quite as good as Skysight had predicted. There were lots of expanses of blue, but a good AAT task was set with big circles which would have included Mt Ruapehu if conditions cooperated. (They didn't!) Results not finalised yet, but the general consensus seems to be that it was hard work, but satisfying and, most importantly, good fun. That will continue tonight with a dinner at the Gliding Club prepared by Neil Harker.


Zapsal: John Etches , 9. února 2020 6:53.

Poslední vítěz

1. Tim Bromhead 89,00 km/h
2. Keith Essex 85,34 km/h
3. Patrick Driessen 82,83 km/h
Aktualizováno: 19.02.20 9:46

Poslední úloha

Úloha 10, 15. 2. 2020
Vzdálenost v úloze: 147,13 km  /  397,04 km  (265,87 km)
Čas úlohy: 2:15:00
Aktualizováno: 15.02.20 8:27
Úloha 10, 15. 2. 2020
Vzdálenost v úloze: 147,13 km  /  397,04 km  (265,87 km)
Čas úlohy: 2:30:00
Aktualizováno: 15.02.20 8:24