National Gliding Championships Taupo 2020

Taupo, Nový Zéland,   2. února 2020 – 15. února 2020

Day 9, Task 5

I feel sorry for anyone who wasn't flying in the Nationals today! It was a day that had a bit of everything. It started with blue skies and uncertainty, and finished with lots of smiling faces and stories over a beer.

Sniffers were sent up at about 1235, and came back with positive responses so the launch was continued. Some got low, some got high, but eventually everyone got away and the day just got better and better. Once again the task-setters did a great job, allowing everyone to fly to their own strengths or weaknesses, so everyone was pretty happy - none more so than the surprise winner of the Racing class, Derek Shipley, who modestly claimed that things just worked out lucky for him, but we think he learned lots from flying with Peter Hartmann yesterday!

The task took us East out past Rangitaiki and into a great convergence so speeds were fast and altitudes were high. Airspace was open and used up to 9,500ft. The Open class winner, Keith Essex, had the impressive figures of over 400 km at an average speed of 134 kph, and the two other placegetters, Patrick Driessen and Peter Hartmann were not far behind.

There are still plenty more great days to come, so if you can, bring your glider to Taupo and come and join the fun!

Zapsal: Hugh de Lautour , 10. února 2020 8:24.

Poslední vítěz

1. Tim Bromhead 89,00 km/h
2. Keith Essex 85,34 km/h
3. Patrick Driessen 82,83 km/h
Aktualizováno: 19.02.20 9:46

Poslední úloha

Úloha 10, 15. 2. 2020
Vzdálenost v úloze: 147,13 km  /  397,04 km  (265,87 km)
Čas úlohy: 2:15:00
Aktualizováno: 15.02.20 8:27
Úloha 10, 15. 2. 2020
Vzdálenost v úloze: 147,13 km  /  397,04 km  (265,87 km)
Čas úlohy: 2:30:00
Aktualizováno: 15.02.20 8:24