NZ Club Class National Gliding Championships Jan 2019

Taupo, Nový Zéland,   27. ledna 2019 – 9. února 2019

Semi-Final Day

What a great couple of weeks it has been. Plenty of good close contests and lots of good camerarderie. And all coming down to the last race today. In the Club Class Tim will be difficult to catch barring the unexpected, but in the MSC Class there's still only about 100 points between our top two entries - Sebastian in the Duo Discus and Keith in the ASG 29! 

Yesterday was tough going in places, but again showed how the experienced pilot can fly the energy lines and make the most of what is there.

Speaking of experienced pilots, a special thanks must go to Sebastian Kawa for his contribution to the success of this contest. It has been such an inspiration to so many of us gliding kiwis to have the world champion here flying with us and giving his time so generously and graciously to help those of us still struggling to learn the mysteries of the skies and how to use them. So thank you, Sebastian, you have made a huge difference to our little part of the gliding world.  Combine that with a flying visit from world record holder Terry Delore, and we have certainly been given plenty to aspire to over the last two weeks!

Of course nothing happens without lots of hard work from lots of people, and in this small forum I have no chance of thanking everyone who needs to be thanked, but it has been a great effort from Contest Director John Etches right down through Tom and Trev and the team from the Taupo Gliding Club, and of course the contestants themselves.

So here we are with one race to go, and the day is again looking good. God Speed.

Zapsal: Hugh de Lautour , 8. února 2019 20:22.
Publikováno: Hugh de Lautour , 11. února 2019 1:53.

Poslední vítěz

1. Michael Strathern 100,91 km/h
2. Steve Wallace 99,95 km/h
3. Mark Wilson 100,74 km/h
Aktualizováno: 11.02.19 8:58
1. Patrick Driessen 130,10 km/h
2. Sebastian Kawa 127,13 km/h
3. Wardell & Terry 119,26 km/h
Aktualizováno: 11.02.19 23:35

Poslední úloha

Úloha 11, 9. 2. 2019
Vzdálenost v úloze: 240,54 km  /  558,68 km  (358,32 km)
Čas úlohy: 3:30:00
Aktualizováno: 09.02.19 8:16
Úloha 12, 9. 2. 2019
Vzdálenost v úloze: 240,54 km  /  558,68 km  (358,32 km)
Čas úlohy: 3:30:00
Aktualizováno: 09.02.19 8:15