Open, Standard & 15m Nationals 2020

Husbands Bosworth, Velká Británie,   13. června 2020 – 21. června 2020

Postponement of STD/15m/Open Class Nationals to new date of 22-30 August 2020

Given the current status of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the competition organisers in collaboration with the BGA Competition Committee, have determined that the chances of being able to hold the Nationals event at Hus Bos early in June are now remote.

In order to try and ensure that the event can still take place, the event date has been changed to 22-30 August 2020 in the hope that by then the currently necessary Covid-19 restrictions are suitably relaxed to allow a successful and safe event.

Entries submitted so far, based on the original dates, will be transferred automatically.

It is particularly important that those pilots that are not able to make the new dates apply now for a return of deposit. COMPLETE WITHDRAWAL AND FULL RETURN of deposit for those unable to make the new dates will only be possible until the end of April, after which the normal rules apply.

If you wish to take part in the competition and have not already applied or made the required interim payments, it is very important that you do so as soon as possible so that the organisers can correctly assess the additional towing facilities which will be required to suit entry numbers. It will also ensure that your place is assured if entry numbers exceed the site or class limits imposed.

Please be assured that, if ultimately it is not be possible to hold the event should restrictions still not allow it to run legally and safely, then all deposits and balances will be returnable.


Colin Davey
Comp Director

Zapsáno 10. dubna 2020 9:43.

Welcome to the Open, Standard & 15m Nationals 2020 at Hus Bos

Welcome to the Open, Standard & 15m nationals at Husbands Bosworth. This year we will be using Robocontrol again to do all the admin. You should all have recied an email with your login details, so please can you logon to the system and pay your deposit by 15 March 2020.  We will also be using Robocontrol for the pre-registration service, so please can you enter all you glider details before the competition Link to Robocontrol below: Thank you   Colin Davey Comp Di...
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