Pribina Cup 2016

Nitra, Slovensko,   25. března 2016 – 2. dubna 2016


1 LL Michal Lesinger 2 262
2 V2 Stefan Delfs 2 251
3 IC Zsolt Siket 2 249
1 CM Dennis Huybreckx 2 847
2 PT Thilo Scheffler 2 670
3 Y4 Michael Buchthal 2 648
20m Multi-Seat
1 TWO Janowitsch & Wersonig 2 837
2 RA Halonen & Virtanen 2 731
3 K2 Nagel & Holighaus 2 700
1 TL Briel & Levin 2 936
2 M7 Matthias Sturm 2 928
3 MAS Robin Sittmann 2 535


Dear pilots,
I am very glad that, on behalf of all members of Aeroklub Nitra, I can invite you again to the
Pribina Cup 2016 - International Easter Gliding Competition. The event is scheduled, as usually, during Easter holiday time and will be held at the Airport Nitra / Slovakia.
The Nitra venue is already well known to the most of you as established and a great place
to do any aviation sport. All necessarily infrastructure, the airfield without significant obstacles, favourable outlanding options in its vicinity and within task area, on site camping and catering, big briefing area, glider and avionics repair facilities, lodging being close or directly at the airport, good route infrastructure with the brand new highway called PR1bina passing by, great landscape ranging
from flatland to highest mountains and traditionally very good gliding weather should ensure that all of those coming should experience pleasant atmosphere and relaxed competition. Furthermore, Slovakia’s climate and the natural resources have made the country ideal for tourism and other adventure sports, including flying. However, all that would not be possible without all those people, who work hard so the event can happen. These are my fellow club members, tow-pilots, all those who take care of your accommodation, catering and your stay here, all of them are important for the success of our and we believe also yours event.
Country wide common interest in flying sport, particularly to
gliding, is reflected by organising activities of the national aeroclub or local clubs both recently and in the past. Without listing all the events it is obvious that Slovakia is one of the most frequent destinations for the competition glider pilots during the recent years. These activities were complementary to the birth and the growth of the Pribina Cup to its current status as well
established International Gliding Competition.
Without your support and the support of our partners and friends Nitra and Slovakia would not became famous in gliding sport and we would not be able to achieve our goal to organise an exciting and great, but relaxed and especially safe event.
I hope that you have already several strong reasons to experience flying in Nitra again. All the team is looking forward meeting you.

On behalf of all from the Pribina Team

Sincerely yours
Vladimir Foltin
Sporting Director

Zapsáno 16. března 2016 16:35.

Poslední vítěz

1. Marek Pechanec 81,43 km/h
2. Felix Hoffmann 81,10 km/h
3. Andrius Tamulenas 80,30 km/h
3. Piotr Ciolko 77,95 km/h
3. Zsolt Siket 75,70 km/h
Aktualizováno: 02.04.16 16:02
1. Dennis Huybreckx 76,74 km/h
2. Jan Kretzschmar 76,11 km/h
3. Thilo Scheffler 76,06 km/h
3. Bjorn Gintzel 76,07 km/h
Aktualizováno: 02.04.16 13:21
1. Sibanc & Mark 88,81 km/h
2. Otzipka & Baumgartl 86,93 km/h
3. Janowitsch & Wersonig 84,95 km/h
Aktualizováno: 02.04.16 13:21
1. Pristavec & Avsenek 102,26 km/h
2. Matthias Sturm 97,91 km/h
3. Briel & Levin 96,79 km/h
Aktualizováno: 02.04.16 13:21

Poslední úloha

Úloha 5, 2. 4. 2016
Vzdálenost v úloze: 214,50 km
Aktualizováno: 02.04.16 12:43
Úloha 5, 2. 4. 2016
Vzdálenost v úloze: 250,14 km
Aktualizováno: 02.04.16 12:45
Úloha 5, 2. 4. 2016
Vzdálenost v úloze: 282,59 km
Aktualizováno: 02.04.16 12:46
Úloha 5, 2. 4. 2016
Vzdálenost v úloze: 301,66 km
Aktualizováno: 02.04.16 12:49