WAGA State Championship 23/24

Narrogin, Austrálie,   16. listopadu 2023 – 25. listopadu 2023


1 IUG Ashley Boyle 5 141
2 N1 Norm Bloch 5 100
3 KG Arnold Geerlings 4 953

24 Nov Results

Everyone is back except Jason who landed out safely. Was a hard but reasonabe day for most. Results will come out and be posted at briefing tomorrow morning.


Zapsal: Rob Hanbury , 24. listopadu 2023 10:39.

24th Nov

Task will get posted in a few minutes. Results will be withheld until briefing on the 25th. It creates more surprize at daily prizegiving. Phone your mates to see how they did and then bet on the winners! We expect a fantastic high weather day today with storms and so a big circle AAT to give flexibility.
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Zapsal: Rob Hanbury , 24. listopadu 2023 2:14.

Results 23rd

The results will be published at briefing on 24th. Look for the results about 9:40 tomorrow morning. We had 2 outlandings. Pilots are being retrieved; Ben and Darryl. All gliders are fine. Many pilots did not fly the task as it was a hard day. But it will affect the results so guess how the placings will change! By order of the Comps Director.
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Zapsal: Rob Hanbury , 23. listopadu 2023 11:36.

Plan for 23rd November

We expect to task today. Weather is not great but we look forward to wonderful weather on 24th and 25th.
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Zapsal: Rob Hanbury , 22. listopadu 2023 23:50.

Cancelled days 21 and 22 November

Days 21 and 22 November were cancelled due to weather was too poor for safe soaring.
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Zapsal: Rob Hanbury , 22. listopadu 2023 23:48.

Poslední vítěz

1. Norm Bloch 119,81 km/h
2. Chris Runeckles 99,97 km/h
3. Arnold Geerlings 97,34 km/h
Aktualizováno: 25.11.23 21:50

Poslední úloha

Úloha 8, 25. 11. 2023
Vzdálenost v úloze: 202,15 km  /  662,06 km  (424,51 km)
Čas úlohy: 3:00:00
Aktualizováno: 25.11.23 10:29