FAI Sailplane Grand Prix - World Final - Serie X & E-Sport Final - Serie I

Château-Arnoux-Saint-Auban, Francie,   5. září 2021 – 11. září 2021

Welcome to this FAI World Final Grand Prix Serie X in St-Auban, France!

It is with great pleasure that the Sailplane Grand prix management team are able to announce the venue for the 10th FAI/SGP final will be St Auban in France in September 2021.

The 10th final was originally scheduled to be held at Innonu in Turkey as part of the FAI/Word Air Games. The postponement of the FAI/WAG initiated a call for bids to host the final. The successful bid was submitted by the French Gliding federation to hold the final at St Auban in the southern Alpine region of France.

The first FAI/SGP final was held at St Auban in September 2005, a very successful event that laid the foundation for the future series of FAI/SGP.

Saint Auban is located in Alpes de Haute Provence, perfectly located to enjoy the conditions of
the wonderful alpine soaring region of the Southern Alps. The airfield is operated by the French
Gliding Federation and is home to the French national gliding centre.

The 10th series of FAI/SGP national events will be held through 2019 and 2020 following the very successful 9th series final held at La Cerdanya in Spain. A full list of qualifying events can be found at www.sgp.aero.
Competitors from all over the world will compete in the 10 national events to qualify for a place in the final. The top twenty pilots qualifying for the event will compete in 18m class sailplanes for the coveted title of World FAI Sailplane Grand Prix Champion.

French Gliding Federation https://www.ffvp.fr/
Centre national de Vol a Voile https://www.cnvv.net/

Zapsal: Benjamin Neglais , 16. ledna 2021 11:35.

Poslední vítěz

1. Tilo Holighaus 23:30:25
2. Maximilian Seis 23:30:25
3. Louis Bouderlique 23:30:25
Aktualizováno: 11.09.21 18:17
1. Ben Fest 23:30:25
2. Arne Martin Guettler 23:30:25
3. Mikko Nurminen 23:30:25
Aktualizováno: 15.09.21 8:05

Poslední úloha

Úloha 7, 11. 9. 2021
Vzdálenost v úloze: 333,33 km
Aktualizováno: 11.09.21 10:20
Úloha 7, 11. 9. 2021
Vzdálenost v úloze: 333,33 km
Aktualizováno: 11.09.21 10:21