Frankreich,   8. Juni 2013 – 21. Juni 2013


1 EQ Louis BOUDERLIQUE 7.499
2 EY Christophe RUCH 7.476
3 LR Jean-Denis BARROIS 6.944
1 PL Sebastian KAWA 7.788
2 FA Christophe COUSSEAU 7.563
3 QX Roman MRACEK 7.072
1 EB Michael SOMMER 7.494
2 FC Killian WALBROU 6.991
3 M Markus FRANK 6.807

New airspace file (V8) published

You can now download the official file of Airspace "SUA-EGC2013-V8.txt" in the Downloads tab.

* The 3 Para Gap aeras become one area Prohibited SFC-FL195

Geschrieben am 7. Juni 2013 um 10:35.

Appendix B - Contest Area updated

You can now download the Appendix B V2 in the Downloads tab.  Append : Contest Area Boundary coordinates.

Geschrieben am 4. Juni 2013 um 18:30.

Local Procedures v4 published

You can download the Local Procedures v4.

Geschrieben am 23. Mai 2013 um 10:38.

Turn Points files are now downloadable.

You can download the official file of turn points "EGC-2013.cup". The other formats are downloadable here (Thanks to John Leibacher).  Also downloadable on SoaringSpot :  Appendix F - Turnpoints,   the pdf file of the turn points.  Local Procedures_v3,   2 numbers of turn points changed and official turn points file becomes .cup

Geschrieben am 26. April 2013 um 21:13.

Appendix C - Launch Procedures-Release Areas.pdf

You can download the appendix C of Local Procedures : Launch Procedures-Release Areas.pdf (1MB)

Geschrieben am 17. April 2013 um 14:21.

Flight Recorder calibration

Recently, IGC increased the intervals of  calibration of the IGC approved FRs. This will be included in the Sporting Code by 1st October 2013. The new procedure can be applied in IGC sanctioned competitions in 2013 through Local Procedures. We are going to draw up an amendment to our Local Procedures. After approval by IGC the new procedures will be valid. Therefore, don’t needlessly get your FRs calibrated.

Geschrieben am 15. März 2013 um 18:06.

Website and Contact information

Dear Friends, here are the website and contact informations : Website : www.egc2013vinon.fr Contact : contact@egc2013vinon.fr

Geschrieben am 10. Dezember 2012 um 08:37.

Invitation to the 17th FAI European Gliding Championships

Dear gliding friends, On behalf of local organisers from Vinon-sur-verdon (A.A.V.A.) and the French Gliding Federation (F.F.V.V.), I would like to invite all FAI nations to the 17th FAI Gliding Championships 2013 scheduled at Vinon-sur-verdon, France. To maximize the participation, fun and safety, the organisation team is committed solely to following rules : - The contest area will be restricted to the well-known and easy Southern French Alps. - No task will be launched if the wind is too extr...

Geschrieben am 12. Juni 2012 um 07:23.

Letzte Sieger

1. Louis BOUDERLIQUE 114,74 km/h
2. Henrik BREIDAHL 113,96 km/h
3. Phil JONES 112,59 km/h
1. Christophe COUSSEAU 119,75 km/h
2. Jaroslav TOMANA 116,39 km/h
3. Uli GMELIN 115,40 km/h
1. Peter HARTMANN 130,49 km/h
2. Ronald TERMAAT 128,83 km/h
3. Erik BORGMANN 128,29 km/h

Letzte Aufgabe

Wertungstag 13, 21.06.2013
Aufgabengröße: 347,14 km
Aktualisiert: 21.05.15, 06:40
Wertungstag 13, 21.06.2013
Aufgabengröße: 406,37 km
Aktualisiert: 21.05.15, 06:40
Wertungstag 13, 21.06.2013
Aufgabengröße: 371,43 km
Aktualisiert: 21.05.15, 06:40