1o EIPPA - Encontro Internacional de Pilotos de Planador

Palmeira das Missões, Brasilien,   26. November 2022 – 2. Dezember 2022


1 KA Alfredo Jobke 2.071
2 LA Andre Lautert 1.929
3 IV Sergio Lousada 1.807

And the gathering begins

As the sun of a beautifull blue day start to shine at Fernando´s apartment window at 5:13 AM all attention now is towards the glorious soaring days ahead in Palmeira das Missões - RS, considered the "Meca" of the soaring scene in Brazil.



The dearfull competitors are starting to arrive and assemble their wounderfull machines...








Comming up tomorrow a heating up trainig day to be ready for the first task on sunday....

See ya!




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