2019 Club and Sports Class Nationals

Kingaroy, Australien,   30. September 2019 – 6. Oktober 2019


1 41 Jim Crowhurst 4.686
2 MD Mark Dalton 4.318
3 FQK Michael Keller 4.296
Sports Open
1 G1 Adam Woolley 4.528
2 BB John Buchanan 4.418
3 QR Bruce Taylor 4.366
Sports 15m
1 P1 Peter Trotter 4.545
2 LT Lisa Trotter 4.498
3 GR David Jansen 4.257

Last Day

The last few days have been absolutely fantastic.

The funny weather disappeared and thew skys became unreal.

All of the racing pilots have had a great time and we've all enjoyed being

together, (on the grid, in the sky, at the dinners,   and at the bar)....


Special thanks to the Kiwi Pilots,   Trev Terry and Maurice Weaver,  who

needed to outland yesterday,   and did so very efficiently,  into a most magnificent

paddock...    Well done boys,  many thanks,  this is the outlanding example that

we truly appreciate....


Last day today,   the weather looks pretty good,   so off we go,  see you at the next comp..



Pete Summerfeldt

Geschrieben von: John Etches am 6. Oktober 2019 um 00:11.


Kingaroy Nationals   Day 1 was Monday,  Saturday was fine with some showers around and the airfield was only slightly busy,  pilots arriving,  some local flying happening, tugs arriving, and competition staff working on and around the airfield with competition prep. Sunday (practise day) went very well,   some pilots and crew were still arriving but flying was nicely organised and the weather was good .     There was one outlanding with an aerotow retreive but apart from that the weather provide...

Geschrieben von: John Etches am 2. Oktober 2019 um 21:22.

Kingaroy Action

Pilots are arriveing and scrutineering is underway, We had a great  shower of rain last night which has settled the dust. Now the sun is out and thermals are starting to pop. The pilots from NZ and other clubs have been doing their familiarization flights, and enjoying the warmer tempertures The club has a great organieing team and  and great facilities, We are looking forward to good  weather and fantastic competition. cheers

Geschrieben von: John Etches am 28. September 2019 um 00:43.

Letzte Sieger

1. Ray Stewart 108,50 km/h
2. Jim Crowhurst 98,54 km/h
3. Michael Keller 94,06 km/h
Aktualisiert: 07.10.19, 09:39
1. John Buchanan 114,17 km/h
2. Bruce Taylor 117,38 km/h
3. Adam Woolley 112,11 km/h
Aktualisiert: 19.10.19, 12:17
1. Lisa Trotter 106,36 km/h
2. Peter Trotter 105,35 km/h
3. Claire Scutter 98,86 km/h
Aktualisiert: 07.10.19, 09:41

Letzte Aufgabe

Wertungstag 6, 06.10.2019
Aufgabengröße: 177,89 km  /  267,70 km  (235,90 km)
Aufgabenzeit: 2:00:00
Aktualisiert: 06.10.19, 14:40
Wertungstag 5, 06.10.2019
Aufgabengröße: 185,39 km  /  276,86 km  (248,78 km)
Aufgabenzeit: 2:00:00
Aktualisiert: 06.10.19, 14:41
Wertungstag 5, 06.10.2019
Aufgabengröße: 185,39 km  /  276,86 km  (248,78 km)
Aufgabenzeit: 2:00:00
Aktualisiert: 06.10.19, 14:42

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