6th FAI Junior European Gliding Championship

Svæveflyvecenter Arnborg, Dänemark,   29. Juli 2023 – 12. August 2023

Aufgabe für Club am 11. August 2023, Tag neutralisiert

Aufgabenversion: Notes (v6)
Wendepunkt Entfernung Richtung Sektor
0047FasterholtBanX 6,03 km 272,4° Linie 10,00 km
0468HoerbylundeVbro 23,43 km 51,7° Zylinder R=0,50 km
0052RindKrk 28,40 km 259,3° Zylinder R=0,50 km
1118SaltenLangsoe 42,95 km 94,0° Zylinder R=0,50 km
0047FasterholtBanX 33,88 km 260,1° Zylinder R=0,50 km
0851ArnborgFlp 2,03 km 272,2° Zylinder R=4,00 km
Gesamt: 130,70 km


First launch from 13:00
Takeoff/Finish: 122.650. Startline opening: 122.650
Emergency 121.500. Common safety frequency 122.475.
Sunset at 21:14 local time
Minimum altitude for crossing finish ring is 250 meters QNH, today QNH 1017 hPa.
Arnborg elevation is 40 meters.

Karup TMA: EKKA-GP0, EKKA-GP4, EKKA-GP5A, EKKA-GP5B, EKKA-GP6, EKKA-GP7. Obligation to listen 120.425 in Karup TMA.
Tragt Nord G9 and Hammer G14 open up to FL45. Rest of Billund TMA prohibited.
Aarhus TMA prohibited.
R39 and R40 not active.

Logger file to: logger@dsvu.net
Outlandingreport: https://lowcrop.aero/jegc2023/
Competition Director: +45 71755443
Emergency call: 112