Central Plateau Soaring Competion

Neuseeland,   1. November 2009 – 7. November 2009

Wednesday 4th


The satelite pictures for today show a front approaching from the sout west. Weatherman Roland is hoping for a gap ahead of the front that will provide soarable conditions. Again the tephigram is predicting 5 to 5'500 cloudbase. Looking out of the clubhouse window there's a 10 to 12 kt soutwest wind and 7/8 cloud cover but it does look like the sun is trying to break through. We will re-brief again at 12:30


The air has dried out and we are down to around 3/8 cloud. Lots more sun and the day looks more promising now. There's still a reasonable breeze though. We are hoping to set a task soon


Task is up for both classes. Task setters are not 100% confident that the weather will hold so have set an AAT with a large area and a minimum time to push competitors past the minimum distance.


The scorer (me) landed out but is now back & enjoying the Wednesday evening dinner.

A very tricky day with the sky blueing out while most competitors were in the first (and only) turnpoint area. Everyone struggled to make it back home with not everyone managing it. Scores should be up soon.


OK The scores are up. Unfortunately too many landouts devalued the day for the fast class and no scores for the hardworking club class. But all in all still a challenging & fun day.


Geschrieben am 3. November 2009 um 23:35.

Letzte Sieger

1. Geoff Gaddes 53,69 km/h
2. Hugh de Lautour 48,33 km
1. Marc Morley 80,51 km/h
2. Tony Van Dyk 73,37 km/h
3. Graham White 69,33 km/h

Letzte Aufgabe

Wertungstag 5, 07.11.2009
Aufgabengröße: 83,72 km  /  212,96 km  (150,55 km)
Aufgabenzeit: 2:00:00
Aktualisiert: 21.05.15, 06:30
Wertungstag 6, 07.11.2009
Aufgabengröße: 202,11 km  /  429,76 km  (319,46 km)
Aufgabenzeit: 3:00:00
Aktualisiert: 21.05.15, 06:30