National Gliding Championships Taupo 2020

Taupo, Neuseeland,   2. Februar 2020 – 15. Februar 2020

Task 9 - the penultimate day,

Whoa! Hold the phone! Only one day to go and look at the leaderboard. Anything could happen and probably will!

It’s tough at the top, they say, but so are these pilots. Noone’s giving an inch, but everyone’s trying to take a mile. Anything to get those few extra points that will make the difference between becoming the National Champion and the other place which is not the national champion. 

Today was fun. The forecast was not great, two tasks were prepared, and a decision was postponed until 1300 to see which way the weather went. Once again the think-tank did a good job and conditions were actually quite good on the task chosen, allowing the better pilots to show their skills but also catering for the not so experienced pilots to push themselves a bit, learn from the masters, and gain confidence either by getting around or landing out. All good stuff.

So congratulations to the day winners, and the best of luck for tomorrow. You’ll need it!



Geschrieben von: Hugh de Lautour am 14. Februar 2020 um 08:44.

Letzte Sieger

1. Tim Bromhead 89,00 km/h
2. Keith Essex 85,34 km/h
3. Patrick Driessen 82,83 km/h
Aktualisiert: 19.02.20, 09:46

Letzte Aufgabe

Wertungstag 10, 15.02.2020
Aufgabengröße: 147,13 km  /  397,04 km  (265,87 km)
Aufgabenzeit: 2:15:00
Aktualisiert: 15.02.20, 08:27
Wertungstag 10, 15.02.2020
Aufgabengröße: 147,13 km  /  397,04 km  (265,87 km)
Aufgabenzeit: 2:30:00
Aktualisiert: 15.02.20, 08:24