Campeonato Open-Soria-Garray de Vuelo a Vela 2022

Garray, Spanien,   27. Juni 2022 – 9. Juli 2022

The pre-registration to the competition is available now

Dear pilots,

If you have the intention of participate in the OPEN-SORIA-Garray 2022, you can pre-register now, that will help us to know the interest of the pilots on the event, the distribution of the classes and in case of oversubscribe it is time record, it will be a decisive factor to be accepted on the competition.

Just use this link: 

If you pre-register, you will receive by email in January 2022 a registration Form in order to confirm your registration, with all the data that you need to send to the organization team.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Garray.


The Organization Team

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