2023 South African Nationals Open/Sports Classes

Welkom, Südafrika,   15. Dezember 2023 – 22. Dezember 2023

Pre-Comp Setup

Turnpoints and Airspace are from this year's Club/15m/18m/2 seat Nationals and may change before the competition begins, but will give you something to play with until they are finalised. Turnpoints have a 3 digit number preceding the turnpoint name.

If you (competitors) want to be helpful, please check occasionally that your personal and aircraft (handicap) details are correct.

The Scorer (me) would appreciate, at your earliest convenience, a representative recent igc file  (with engine run if you have a sustainer) from each flight recorder that you will be using during the competion, send it to igcscorer@outlook.com , DO NOT think it is helpful to change the name of the file! It is NOT and will cause you pain if you do it during the competition. This file will be taken as registration of your flight recorder(s) there are penalties available if you drop an unregistered logger file on me during the comp.

If you really must use a device running XCSoar or similar, please set the logger id to something unique - such as XCS-AVP (e.g. use the three low order characters from your glider reg, or your competition number)

Have fun!

The Competition can be found online at http://soaringspot.com/sanats-2023-potch

I will be scoring the competition remotely so send igc files (Flight logs) as above to  igcscorer@outlook.com. NOTE: While scoring is is progress emails are only read by software and anything which isn't an igc will be automatically deleted without being read by me! a direct (not group) WhatsApp will be more likely to get my attention!

 Thanks, Peter Wyld.

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