2022 South African Nationals - 18m, Open and Sports Class

Kroonstad, South Africa,   December 16, 2022 – December 23, 2022

pre-comp setup.

Welcome to the 2022 South African National Championships ( 18m,Open and Sports Classes)

The Pilots' list will get populated slowly as competitors register for the competition.

Please check your details when your entry appears in the list and inform the Scorer of any errors.

Please also send the Scorer a representative igc file from any device you may want to use during the competition ( there is a penalty for springing one unannounced on the scorer during the comp!). Having an igc file early allows the scoring system to be set-up before day 1.

If you insist on using something like XCSoar as your (unapproved, don't do it outside SA!) flight recorder,  PLEASE change the logger id to something other than XCS-AAA before submitting any igc file from it. (I would suggest your glider reg e.g. ZS-GCP -> XCS-GCP. Don't know how? - RTFM !)

Please send igc files to igcscorer@outlook.com

Written by: Peter Wyld on November 14, 2022 at 9:30 AM.
Edited by: Peter Wyld on December 3, 2022 at 2:21 PM.

Latest winner

1. Scharf & Scharf 132.80 km/h
2. Oscar Goudriaan 129.43 km/h
3. Yves Gerster 123.79 km/h
Updated: 1/4/23, 6:42 PM
1. Karol Jan Müller 87.98 km/h
2. Dicky (HR) Daly jr. 83.66 km/h
3. Rob Bristow 66.08 km/h
Updated: 12/23/22, 4:35 PM

Latest task

Task 7, Dec 23, 2022
Task distance: 161.75 km
Updated: 12/23/22, 12:00 PM
Task 7, Dec 23, 2022
Task distance: 161.75 km
Updated: 12/23/22, 9:36 AM