Calcinate Del Pesce, Italy,   August 28, 2021 – September 3, 2021

E3Glide, Varese hosts the 3rd edition of the innovative E-Glide formula



Dear Gliding Friends,


our club ACAO https://acao.it/ in Varese will be hosting the E3Glide https://acao.it/e3glide/ from Aug. 25th to Sept. 3rd, 2021, for a total of 2 training days and 7 competition days. As you all know, the EGlide is an innovative competition formula reserved to electric aux-powered sailplanes, with allowance for a defined energy quota to be used during the sporting performance. Pilots can thus avoid outlandings or increase their average speed with help from the electric motor. Exceeding the daily energy quota is subject to a time penalty. Regatta Start procedure, and cumulative time scoring complete the simple general frame of the EGlide.


As was demonstrated by the first event in Pavullo 2019, and confirmed at the E2Glide in Grossrückerswalde (Erzgebirge), task setting is possible on most days, greatly mitigating the negative impact which may affect the outcome of classic Gliding competitions. In Pavullo, the EGlide flew triple the number of tasks than the 13.5m WGC during the given period.


It is now also evident that the usage of an allowed energy quota opens many new considerations and strategic or tactic implications, which make the competition even more challenging, adding to the fun factor. A glider is seen gliding in rising air, but are they using some propulsion? Are they climbing so well because of a thermal? They started on final glide, but do they still have some available “free” energy or they count on an excellent glide path? These are just some of the tactical questions all pilots continuously have to ask themselves.


The club is well known internationally, for having the biggest membership in Italy, welcoming facilities, excellent organizational skills (we hosted an SGP Final in 2015) and is home to many of the highest-ranking Italian pilots. Our president, Margherita Acquaderni, is the current National Champion, 18m class, general category! And she flies a V3FES.


Varese is fantastically located near 7 lakes, in the north-western part of Lombardy at the foot of the Alps. A 28km cycling loop will take you around Lake Varese for a healthy and relaxing activity. Milano offers all kinds of museums, shopping, restaurants and activities at just 40min drive (or train ride). The Unesco “Sacri Monti” is a group of nine hill locations in Piedmont and Lombardy featuring chapels, worship places, monuments and fine arts. The Isole Borromee of Lake Maggiore are a Renaissance attraction. Beautiful sights at the monastery “Santa Caterina del Sasso”. The biggest European “dolls museum” at the Rocca di Angera https://www.isoleborromee.it/rocca-di-angera/ is a must-see. Or you may choose Volandia http://volandia.it/en/ for all flying machines. Castles, painted villages, regional parks…


Malpensa international airport is at a short distance. Many hotels and guest-houses will make you and your families/friends feel comfortable.


Corona (Covid-19) rules are changing relatively frequently. As of June-July, a negative test is required, within 48hrs before departure from your country of provenance. Registration as a temporary guest in Italy may also be required, via a web-based form. In general, we expect no significant issues related to Corona prevention.


An FAI Sporting Licence is required, as per Italian sporting rules.


You are all invited to come to Varese! We’ll have some fun!




Top 10 attractions: https://vareseguida.com/top-10-attrazioni-della-provincia-di-varese/

Cycling loop: Pieghevole Pista Lago di Varese 

Sacri Monti of Piedmont and Lombardy: https://www.sacrimonti.org/en/home



Aldo Cernezzi, competition director




Written by: Aldo Cernezzi on June 30, 2021 at 4:49 PM.
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