GCWA Club Comp

Cunderdin, Australia,   February 19, 2021 – February 22, 2021


All in
1 GTO DG Coaching 2,117
2 UCR Chris Runeckles 1,973
3 GEE Herwig & Herwig 1,921

The Competition

The Gliding Club of Western Australia is trying a pilot and glider handicapped competition format. It will be held a few times a year as a 4 day, long weekend format. The idea being more people can make 4 days than a week and it is easier to organise well than a weekend competition. We have a wide range of pilots and gliders from Ka6 to JS3 so we use variable distance by handicap but the same route to allow us to race together. We have a Grand Prix start and the first back is the winner. We sometimes have other task to suit the weather and other events, like Round the Clubs.


Written on February 20, 2021 at 11:02 PM.

Latest winner

1. Herwig & Herwig 107.33 km/h
2. Rob Hanbury 110.88 km/h
3. Alex Babel 78.01 km/h
Updated: 2/23/21, 11:54 AM

Latest task

Task 4, Feb 22, 2021
Task distance: 354.97 km  /  359.99 km  (357.48 km)
Task duration: 3:00:00
Updated: 2/22/21, 6:30 PM