12th FAI Women's World Gliding Championship

Garray, Spain,   2 July 2023 – 14 July 2023

Practice 4, Meter 18, 29 June 2023

Task duration: 2:30:00
Task version: . (v4)
Turnpoint Distance Direction Observation zone
419_Soria 6.56 km 350.9° Line 10.00 km (Radius 5.00 km)
129_Caballar 144.30 km 240.9° Symmetric, Rmin=0.50 km, Rmax=25.00 km, Angle=360.0°, Cylinder R=0.50 km
271_LaHorra 69.26 km 6.2° Symmetric, Rmin=0.50 km, Rmax=25.00 km, Angle=360.0°, Cylinder R=0.50 km
052_ZA Herreros 95.67 km 83.2° Symmetric, Rmin=0.50 km, Rmax=3.00 km, Angle=360.0°, Cylinder R=0.50 km
001_AD Garray 21.24 km 94.8° Cylinder R=4.00 km
Total: 257.64 km  /  408.84 km  (330.46 km)

Task notes

QNH 1021

Outlanding notifications call: 667264372 and fill out the form: https://bit.ly/outlanding

Report arrival to LEGY 10 Kms out on Airport Freq: 123.500 Mhz

START altitude 3000m QNH
Minimun Altitude 1300 Msl at finish line

After landing send IGC files to: igcfiles@wwgc2023.org within 45 mins of landing

All airspace are active

LEGY Info: 123.500 MHz LEGY
Grid Marshall/Tugs/Relights/Finish/Landing

Back up frequency: 120.000 MHz
Emergency Frequency: 121.500MHz (monitored by ENAIRE, the ATC authorities)
Arrivals expected at RWY 09 long landings