12th FAI Women's World Gliding Championship

Garray, Spain,   2 July 2023 – 14 July 2023

Task 9, Standard, 10 July 2023

Task duration: 3:30:00
Task version: . (v2)
Turnpoint Distance Direction Observation zone
338_Ocenilla 12.12 km 82.1° Line 10.00 km (Radius 5.00 km)
346_Orea 160.27 km 154.5° Cylinder R=30.00 km
055_ZA Quintanar 191.70 km 327.9° Cylinder R=15.00 km
001_AD Garray 44.75 km 107.8° Cylinder R=4.00 km
Total: 309.06 km  /  485.12 km  (396.72 km)

Task notes

QNH 1025

Outlanding notifications call: +34 667264372 and fill out the form: https://bit.ly/outlanding

Report arrival to LEGY 10 Kms out on Airport Freq: 123.500 Mhz

PRE-START altitude 3000m QNH MAX Speed 300 Kph
Minimun Altitude 1300m QNH at finish line
The START gates will be OPEN after 20 minutes after the last launch on the class
After landing send IGC files to: igcfiles@wwgc2023.org within 45 mins of landing

AIRspace TMA Madrid and NOTAM TMA ZGA

LEGY Info: 123.500 MHz LEGY
Grid Marshall/Tugs/Relights/Finish/Landing

Back up frequency: 120.000 MHz
Emergency Frequency: 121.500MHz (monitored by ENAIRE, the ATC authorities)
Arrivals expected at RWY 09 long landings, circuits to the NORTH