2019 Club and Sports Class Nationals

Kingaroy, Australia,   30 September 2019 – 6 October 2019


Kingaroy Nationals


Day 1 was Monday,  Saturday was fine with some showers around and the airfield was only

slightly busy,  pilots arriving,  some local flying happening, tugs arriving, and competition

staff working on and around the airfield with competition prep.

Sunday (practise day) went very well,   some pilots and crew were still arriving but flying was

nicely organised and the weather was good .     There was one outlanding with an aerotow retreive

but apart from that the weather provided everyone with a good sky for some fun and enjoyment!!!!!

Day one went very well with all pilots reporting that they had a great time.

The Kiwi's in the Duo (KDX)  just missed out with there final glide home,  (they landed 7klm short,

in a very good paddock).  There were a couple of other outlandings but all in all they all had fun...

Day 2 was a blow-out,  poor/nasty weather which caused  the competition admin team some

concerns,,   so a full cancellation was initiated....

Day 3,  rain, low cloud.    The weather was expected to clear so tasks were set and the grid activated.

Unfortunately the clearing took a little longer than expected and one class was cancelled.

Just then,  the sky began to break up and some nice cumulus clouds arrived.   We launched the racing

gliders into the sky and after a  couple of hours they all returned  (with happy smiling faces).

Also airborne yesterday was MM (Mike Maddocks)  in his beautiful new Ventus,   and QR (Bruce Taylor)

who used the afternoon sky to enjoy the opportunity to fly in the fine and interesting sky.


Meals at the Gliding Club canteen have been pretty awsome....


Pete Summerfeldt

Written by: John Etches on 2 October 2019 at 21:22.

Latest winner

1. Ray Stewart 108.50 km/h
2. Jim Crowhurst 98.54 km/h
3. Michael Keller 94.06 km/h
Updated: 07/10/2019, 09:39
1. John Buchanan 114.17 km/h
2. Bruce Taylor 117.38 km/h
3. Adam Woolley 112.11 km/h
Updated: 19/10/2019, 12:17
1. Lisa Trotter 106.36 km/h
2. Peter Trotter 105.35 km/h
3. Claire Scutter 98.86 km/h
Updated: 07/10/2019, 09:41

Latest task

Task 6, 6 Oct 2019
Task distance: 177.89 km  /  267.70 km  (235.90 km)
Task duration: 2:00:00
Updated: 06/10/2019, 14:40
Task 5, 6 Oct 2019
Task distance: 185.39 km  /  276.86 km  (248.78 km)
Task duration: 2:00:00
Updated: 06/10/2019, 14:41
Task 5, 6 Oct 2019
Task distance: 185.39 km  /  276.86 km  (248.78 km)
Task duration: 2:00:00
Updated: 06/10/2019, 14:42