2022 Canadian National Soaring Competition

Chipman, Canada,   23 May 2022 – 3 June 2022

Chipman Nats Day 3

By the start of the morning pilot's meeting, 10 AM, there was already a good line of cumulus north of us along the Saskatchewan River valley. The forecast for the day was to have scattered cu my the predicted launch time of noon. Cloudbase would start around 6-7K and climb to 9K or more within a short time. The variable amounts of moisture on the ground may affect the base differently over the course. The winds were expected to start off strongly, with gusts to 35 from the NW. 

The launch crew is becoming a well-oiled machine and had the whole fleet off the ground in 47 minutes, starting shortly after noon.

Today's task was perhaps a bit generous, with the scheduled pig roast for supper, we wanted everyone home - and that's what we got - everyone that started made it back!

Two separate tasks were prepared for Club and FAI classes, both were in the shape of a square, with three turn points each.

Club turnpoints were Innisfree (80 KM, 35 KM radius), Sedgewick (68 kms, 30 km radius), Bawlf (59 KM, 25 KM radius), then return to Chipman (89 KM, 2 km radius). The overall distances were minimum of 189 kms, maximum of 419 kms, and a nominal distance of 296 kms. Time: 3:00.

FAI turnpoints were Myrnam (93 kms, 40 km radius), Hardisty (113 kms, 40 km radius), Bawlf (83 kms, 30 kms radius), then return to Chipman (89 kms, 2 km radius). The distances were minimum of 234 kms, maximum of 540 kms, and a nominal distance of 379 kms. Time: 3:30.

The charcoal-fired Pig Roast got underway at 9 AM this morning, with a planned slow-roast for the entire day. While the pig was roasting the events team prepared all of the side dishes including caesar salad, potato salad, home-made backed beans, and a number of vegetarian options. A careful watch was made of the incoming APRS data in order to time the completion of the roast and other preparations with the fall of fibreglass from the sky. Timing was perfect, the pig and all the food was terrific! Denise Vanderkooi (partner of Chris Gough) and her team did an outstanding job!

Sometime in the afternoon, a ream of paper was cracked, and people started the contruction of paper airplanes. After supper we all retired to the tow plane hangar for a distance (and fashion) show. Prizes were awarded for random classes determined by the ad-hoc judging committee, with the grand prize being a 4000' tow ticket for Cowley. 

Tomorrow morning, there will be a pancake breakfast, and a bit of a memorial for a long-time (chief) tow pilot, Neil Siemens, who died last week at age 86.


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Chipman Nats - Rest Day

The weather forecast wasn't looking good for today, so it was decided yesterday that today would be a rest day with no contest flying. Joerg Stieber recalled that he saw the first Top Gun movie while attending the Canadian Nationals at Chipman in 1987 (Tony Burton and our Contest Director, Bruce Friesen, also competed in the Chipman Nats in 1987). So, a gang of pilots took advantage of the day off and drove in to Edmonton to catch the latest Top Gun movie on Imax. The sun was hidden behind a hig...

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Chipman Nats Day 2

Before I get started on today's task, we'll finish off Kerry's land-out and retrieve story from yesterday. After acertaining his location (with the help of the Tow-search plane), Kerry's car and trailer, and another vehicle with a crew for derigging left Chipman to retrieve him. I think about 5 people in all (the DG1000 is a big beast). The crew found Kerry on the highway trying to hitch-hike his way back to Chipman. He said it wasn't going that well, having only seen two vehicles pass in the pr...

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Chipman Nats Day 1

The weather forecast for the day was iffy: the forecast was for over-development with thundershowers forecast for later afternoon. There were two separate assigned area tasks prepared for the day for the Club and FAI classes. A total of 25 gliders were launched. For the club class, the turn areas were 40 kms, the nominal distance was 274 kms, with a minimum distance of 144 km and maximum distance of 415 kms. The FAI class had turn areas of 50 kms, nominal distance of 350 kms, minimum of 185, max...

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Latest winner

1. Christopher Gough 118.28 km/h
2. Branko Stojkovic / Troppman 116.38 km/h
3. Joerg Stieber 119.57 km/h
Updated: 28/05/2022, 20:31
1. Marian Rakusan 100.21 km/h
2. Tony Burton 75.77 km/h
3. Ryan Wood 73.93 km/h
Updated: 28/05/2022, 20:31

Latest task

Task 3, 28 May 2022
Task distance: 234.03 km  /  540.39 km  (379.24 km)
Task duration: 3:30:00
Updated: 28/05/2022, 14:17
Task 3, 28 May 2022
Task distance: 189.70 km  /  419.08 km  (296.51 km)
Task duration: 3:00:00
Updated: 28/05/2022, 14:18

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