38th Australian Club and Sports Class Nationals

Lake Keepit, Australia,   31 December 2018 – 11 January 2019

Excellent Skillfull Flying:

All was proceeding normally yesterday until 5:22pm,  23 of the Racing Fleet had returned and then, quite suddenly,

at 5:22pm the wind shifted from 220/06 to 09015/20 gusting to 25.  As this change arrived so did WL and with good

skills and attention to detail the landing was excellent. At this same moment we had on long final NSO, YL and OG, they

all arrived safely (good careful flying),  but,  still out on task was QV,CX,MM and LS,  needing to fly home thru this

terrible wind.     They all made it back safely,   some mighty fine flying.

At around sunset the storm cells arrived, a short burst of heavy rain and then a couple of hours of lightning etc.

This morning we launched at 11:30am into an open sky with only a few cumulus clouds scattered here and there.

It's now 3:45pm and most of the Racers are about half way round the course,  (outside it's a very hot 38degrees)


Written by: Peter Summerfeldt on 2 January 2019 at 04:48.

Latest winner

1. Ray Stewart 114.75 km/h
2. Sabrina Vogt 111.26 km/h
3. Allan Barnes 112.95 km/h
Updated: 11/01/2019, 19:08
1. Adam Woolley 133.13 km/h
2. Ailsa McMillan 133.80 km/h
3. Pete Temple 133.59 km/h
Updated: 11/01/2019, 19:06

Latest task

Task 11, 11 Jan 2019
Task distance: 237.06 km  /  455.76 km  (282.87 km)
Task duration: 3:00:00
Updated: 11/01/2019, 12:17
Task 11, 11 Jan 2019
Task distance: 275.49 km  /  471.37 km  (305.86 km)
Task duration: 3:00:00
Updated: 11/01/2019, 13:51