38th Australian Club and Sports Class Nationals

Lake Keepit, Australia,   31 December 2018 – 11 January 2019

What A Day: So Far:

Well yesterday was quite interesting with many pilots reporting that there day was extremely challenging.

Early today the task setters were planning for an exciting day of flying, (possibly partly of the Great Dividing

Range, (just a short excursion over Walcha and Kentucky)), and then North again etc.   But, at launching

time this was looking like not being possible.  Task "B" was then announced and of we went.   During launching

the sky felt a little unusual and several gliders were scratching around to the extent that there ended up being three

re-lites....  During the day so far (it's now 5:45pm) there have been a few pilots return to the airfield and a few

outlandings.   PT has flown the course and returned and we're expecting the remainder to start calling inbound

during the next few minutes:    Very Interesting Day...

Written by: Peter Summerfeldt on 5 January 2019 at 06:53.

Latest winner

1. Ray Stewart 114.75 km/h
2. Sabrina Vogt 111.26 km/h
3. Allan Barnes 112.95 km/h
Updated: 11/01/2019, 19:08
1. Adam Woolley 133.13 km/h
2. Ailsa McMillan 133.80 km/h
3. Pete Temple 133.59 km/h
Updated: 11/01/2019, 19:06

Latest task

Task 11, 11 Jan 2019
Task distance: 237.06 km  /  455.76 km  (282.87 km)
Task duration: 3:00:00
Updated: 11/01/2019, 12:17
Task 11, 11 Jan 2019
Task distance: 275.49 km  /  471.37 km  (305.86 km)
Task duration: 3:00:00
Updated: 11/01/2019, 13:51