53. Internationaler Hahnweide Wettbewerb

Hahnweide, Germany,   25 May 2019 – 1 June 2019


1 FL Felipe Levin 4,174
2 EM Uli Schwenk 3,942
3 72 Sylvain Gerbaud 3,915
1 Y4 Reinhard Schramme 4,264
2 I Mario Kiessling 4,246
3 80 Andrew Davis 4,237
1 L7 Steffen Schwarzer 4,074
2 DS David Bauder 3,976
3 TOM Stefanie Mühl 3,701
1 A1 Matthew Scutter 4,226
2 BP Franz Poch 3,733
3 95 Peter Carter 3,522
1 7L Norbert Sommer 4,227
2 WT Martin Theisinger 4,116
3 WA Sebastian Beule 4,091

Some Remarks on the Airspace file

Update 2019/05/12:
updated Parachute Dropzone Frequencies
updated Munich glider sector

The Airspace file contains the standard Airspace data for Germany as posted by the Deutscher Aero Club (DAeC) under https://www.daec.de/fachbereiche/luftraum-flugbetrieb/luftraumdaten/. However, there have been a few Modifications made regarding the special Airspace structure surrounding the Stuttgart International Airport (EDDS):

1. The sector HAHNWEIDE, which is not included in the official ICAO map and airspace file, has been cut out of the Class C Stuttgart Airspace and re established as a separate Class C Airspace named "SECTOR HAHNWEIDE". This Airspace may be deactivated when Sektor HAHNWEIDE is active. Still, you will receive Airspace Warnings when you approach the lateral boundaries of the Sector, since the rest of the Stuttgart Class C Airspace starting at 3500ft will always remain active. The vertical boundaries are from 3500ft to 5000ft. The typical airspace clearance in the Sector "HAHNWEIDE" is 5000ft.

2. The Sector "ALB-NORD" has been cut out of the Class D Stuttgart Airspace and re established as 2 separate Airspaces "ALB-NORD LOW" and "ALB-NORD HIGH" to accomodate different altitude clearances that may be granted by ATC. The Sector "ALB-NORD LOW" vertical extension is from 4500ft to 5500ft and the Sector "ALB-NORD HIGH" vertical extension is from 5500ft to 6000ft. The lateral extensions are not identical due to the special Airspace structure, so we strongly recommend that you make yourself familiar with the airspace structure PRIOR to the competition. The typical airspace clearance in the Sector "ALB-NORD" is 6000ft.

3. All Parachute drop zones relevant to the competition have been included in the Airspace file. Not all frequencies may be up to date, since they have recently been subject to change due to the new 8.33 kHz Channel structure. However, the frequencies on the task sheet will be up to date to the best of our knowledge.

4. In Germany, Class C Airspace mostly starts at FL100. There is no vertical separation between VFR and IFR traffic at this altitude. For this reason, ATC has imposed a vertical limitation to Competition flying at FL95. The Airspace file reflects that limit by an additional Class C Airspace called "MAX ALTITUDE HAHNWEIDE COMPETITION" that spans the whole competition area and starts at FL95.

After you have read this article, please proceed the the "Downloads" Section of this Website to obtain the Airspace file with the modifications included.

sincerely yours,
Hahnweide 2019 competition Team


Written on 4 May 2019 at 08:05.

Latest winner

1. Jim Acketoft 128.17 km/h
2. Sylvain Gerbaud 126.48 km/h
3. Felipe Levin 125.84 km/h
Updated: 28/06/2019, 20:10
1. Mario Kiessling 124.06 km/h
2. Börje Eriksson 118.33 km/h
3. Sebastian Huhmann 117.52 km/h
Updated: 02/07/2019, 13:30
1. Ulrich (Ueli) Messmer 110.42 km/h
2. Steffen Schwarzer 110.33 km/h
3. David Bauder 110.28 km/h
Updated: 02/07/2019, 11:02
1. Matthew Scutter 111.08 km/h
2. Franz Poch 108.69 km/h
3. Michael Wisbacher 108.08 km/h
Updated: 02/07/2019, 13:34
1. Martin Theisinger 116.54 km/h
2. Norbert Sommer 116.36 km/h
3. John Coutts 114.15 km/h
Updated: 02/07/2019, 10:46

Latest task

Task 5, 1 Jun 2019
Task distance: 377.21 km  /  655.56 km  (516.23 km)
Task duration: 4:00:00
Updated: 01/06/2019, 13:44
Task 7, 1 Jun 2019
Task distance: 378.20 km  /  677.22 km  (527.61 km)
Task duration: 4:30:00
Updated: 01/06/2019, 13:42
Task 6, 1 Jun 2019
Task distance: 412.89 km
Updated: 01/06/2019, 13:43
Task 6, 1 Jun 2019
Task distance: 402.53 km
Updated: 01/06/2019, 13:45
Task 5, 1 Jun 2019
Task distance: 358.14 km  /  595.52 km  (476.64 km)
Task duration: 4:00:00
Updated: 01/06/2019, 13:43