Auckland Soaring Championships 2020

Drury, New Zealand,   4 January 2020 – 11 January 2020

Day 6 - Its a new day, Im feeling fine

Day 6 and back to the Enterprise format again. A list of Bonus Turnpoints, plus 1 pt per KM from a full FAI triangle.

Flying FAI triangles out of Auckland is notoriously difficult because of the open ocean to the west and the open ocean to the east. This has a slight dampening effect on the ability to sucessfully squeeze a 28% leg of a triangle.

None of this mattered to Stefan who promply streaked off down to Port Waikato on the west coat and didnt stop for another 10 km over the waves before heading back into the west coast. All the experience from Day 3 came into play as he spent the next 30 mins scraping away from the sea cliffs next to the beach.

A 324km FAI triangle out of Drury is no mean feat. Unfortunately, NZ's somewhat arbitrary airspace limits dampened what was an otherwise amazing flight.

Not to be outdone, Pat Driessen managed an even more fantastic 332 km triangle, scaled back only slightly by his better handicap.

Who knew - Enterprising pilots can fly 300km Triangles out of Dury !

Written by: Rob Lyon on 10 January 2020 at 07:17.

Latest winner

1. Stefan Langer 98.85 km/h
2. Ross Gaddes 92.66 km/h
3. Tim Bromhead 91.45 km/h
Updated: 02/02/2020, 16:09

Latest task

Task 7, 11 Jan 2020
Task distance: 90.79 km  /  218.99 km  (152.17 km)
Task duration: 2:00:00
Updated: 11/01/2020, 10:22