Bidford Regionals 2022

Bidford, United Kingdom,   25 June 2022 – 3 July 2022


HC I10 Jones & Coppin 1,836
1 KPO Brown & Edkins 1,820
2 46 Andy Farr 1,561
HC = Hors Concours, not competing officially

Competition Rules

This Competition will be run under Normal BGA rules and not under the Simplified rules recently announced. Apart from other differences, the Simplified rules reduce the Rating value of the Competition.

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Welcome to Bidford

It's a very friendly club – Very popular café with excellent food and an affordable bar. Bring your own crew or not – small wings big wings wood or glass and we will look after you. Good accommodation, restaurants, golf clubs and tourist centres all locally. Or bring your own caravan or tent we have space for you. Entries capped at 35 gliders. First timers and pundits alike are welcome. After previous years' success, we again plan to use the “variable beer can” tasks giving a fair racing task f...

Written by: Tim Newport-Peace on 7 September 2021 at 10:35.
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Latest winner

HC Jones & Coppin 76.17 km/h
1. David Williams 66.92 km/h
2. Bill Inglis 48.84 km/h
Updated: 19/04/2023, 18:14

Latest task

Task 8, 3 Jul 2022
Task distance: 125.41 km
Updated: 03/07/2022, 07:55

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