NZ Central District Regionals Feb 2022

Papawai, New Zealand,   18 February 2022 – 26 February 2022


1 VZ Patrick Driessen 2,270
2 OP Tim Bromhead 2,267
3 US Grae Harrison 2,133
1 NR Graham Player 2,436
2 XA Bruno Tagliapietra 2,399
3 AT Murray Wardell 1,923
Racing v2
1 LW John Robertson 1,714
2 TD Tony van Dyk 1,656
3 NV Bob Gray 1,643

Sunday 27th

And we have our 3 champions after 3 consequtive days of flying. Not the 750km tasks we would have liked but the tasks were challenging and eminently flyable so the pilots were all tested. 

The comp has been succesful and the final dinner on Saturday was a very relaxed and enjoyable event. Pat Driessen won the Open Class, John Robertson the Racing Class and Graham Player the Sports Class. Graham reminded us all that in 1962 - the first contest in the Wairarapa (at Masterton/ Hood) - he and Ian Pryde also won the Sports Class trophy; 60 years ago!

As Contest Director it has been my humble priviledge to oversee the comp; a role which was made very easy because of the many willing and competent people organising and enabling the logistics, catering, and the many ops tasks on each day. A special mention from me to Brian Sharpe, the organiser, who did a stirling job. A special mention to the pilots also for their patience and good sportsmanship despite the frustrations with the weather.

Roll on the 2022/2023 season.

Written by: Bob Henderson on 27 February 2022 at 21:43.

Wednesday 23rd

A cold, moist southerly arrived before dawn this morning bringing a low overcast with drizzle. So everyone had a chance to sleep-in for the morning and now we are looking forward to flying tomorrow and Friday and Saturday. 

Written by: Bob Henderson on 23 February 2022 at 02:02.

Contest Update

10 days ago Papawai airfield was flooded by 150ml of rain in 48 hours. The airfield dried out rapidly. However practice day on Friday the 18th was cancelled due to a number of soft spots on the runways. Saturday morning saw the pilots at the first briefing and a grid was set on the northwest runway. Weather conditions were forecast to be scrathy and proved to be so with mid-level cloud continuously thickening so much so that the day was cancelled on the grid. Sunday it was wet (again) with 70mls...

Written by: Bob Henderson on 22 February 2022 at 00:24.
Edited by: Bob Henderson on 23 February 2022 at 02:00.

Latest winner

1. Tim Bromhead 104.81 km/h
2. Patrick Driessen 102.03 km/h
3. Grae Harrison 89.60 km/h
Updated: 26/02/2022, 19:37
1. Graham Player 50.49 km/h
2. Bruno Tagliapietra 56.15 km/h
3. Murray Wardell 49.26 km/h
Updated: 26/02/2022, 19:35
1. Tony van Dyk 80.60 km/h
2. James Austin 67.51 km/h
3. Bob Gray 66.14 km/h
Updated: 26/02/2022, 19:36

Latest task

Task 5, 26 Feb 2022
Task distance: 97.73 km  /  337.29 km  (217.46 km)
Task duration: 2:30:00
Updated: 26/02/2022, 09:23
Task 5, 26 Feb 2022
Task distance: 60.54 km  /  172.31 km  (116.39 km)
Task duration: 1:45:00
Updated: 26/02/2022, 09:25
Task 3, 26 Feb 2022
Task distance: 97.73 km  /  337.29 km  (217.46 km)
Task duration: 2:00:00
Updated: 26/02/2022, 17:41