CIM - Coppa Internazionale del Mediterraneo

Rieti, Italy,   3 August 2020 – 13 August 2020


Group 1
1 LB Bouderlique & Bouderlique 6,270
2 AM Sironi & Bassalti 6,198
3 BRA Ghiorzo & Passardi 6,176
Group 2
1 2X Bert Schmelzer 6,981
2 AB Arne Boye-Møller 6,835
3 CU Giancarlo Grinza 6,701
Camp. Italiano Biposto
1 AM Sironi & Bassalti 6,382
2 BPG Prodorutti & Pronzati 5,599
3 PP Brunazzo & Micheletto 5,472
Camp. Italiano 18m
1 CU Giancarlo Grinza 6,840
2 Y Giorgio Galetto 6,825
3 8D Davide Schiavotto 6,796

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Daily news

Welcome at Coppa Internazionale del Mediterraneo 2020!

Tomorrow will be the first day of the competition till August the 12th.

We are proud to say that this year we have nine World and European champions among the competitors:

Louis Bouderlique, Bruno Gantenbrink, Giorgio Galetto, Stefano Ghiorzo, Steve and Philip Jones, Bert Schmelzer, Katrine Senne.

And around 10 pilots of this competition are in the first 100 places of the international ranking of sailplanes pilots!

The organisers of the gliding competitions in Rieti are inspired by a principle of informed precaution. We owe it to the local community, to bar and restaurant workers, to the national health institutions and their operators, and to the Italian economy as a whole, to guarantee that all possible preventative actions are taken. A second objective is safeguarding the reputation and the safety culture of the local gliding clubs and their excellent relations with the population. We therefore kindly asked to all partecipants and their families to observe our safety indications in the airport.

This evening at 6.00pm mandatory briefing on Meeting app.

3 ago  -day cancelled

Due to strong wind from ssw, the contest director and tow pilot chief decided, at 1pm, decided to cancel also task for group 2: there are 13/14 kt from 220. After one hour in grid, all the glider are back to the trailers, relax for everybody!

4 ago – No task

5 ago

Every day several gliders will be weighed, random.

Forecast for day 3: Temperature max 21 °c, Orvieto e Siena max 26°c. QNH is 1010. Plafond Nord Rieti 1800 m.
Thermal Intensity 2 m/s but broken thermals.
Wind up to 35 km/h from NE.

Very tricky day for broken thermlas by strong wind from NE and also during landings, but nearly everybody closed the task! Good pilots, good speeds at the maximum of 89kmh in Group 1, and 111 kmh in Group 2.

6 ago

Weather forecast for day 4:

NE wind at 12-15 knots, the ceiling will be between 1400m and 2200m.

Thermals will have values between 1m/s and 2m/s and they will be less broken than yesterday. Rainfalls are expected in the south: between Carsoli, Velino, Sirente. It will be a day similar to yesterday but drier and with less intense wind.

Ore 19. Every day the weather is a little better, everyone is back in the field by 6.30pm! It was fun and interesting at times and difficult flights. The landings were safe despite the north wind, Bruno Ganterbrick's Eta gived us the spectacle of his landing from the south!

 7 ago

For today is expected a maximum temperature of 32 degrees , QNH is 1016, cumulus bases between 1600 and 2400m. In the north, thermals will be powerful but broken, in the south they will be weak and disturbed by some coverages. There will be rain to south of the airport (Borgorose, Carsoli). Every day, as you can see from the photos, daily winners will receive their prizes in the contest director's room.

8 ago

Today the temperature varies from 31° to 34° depending on the area. QNH is 1016hPa, 10/15 knots from the north-east. Cumulus bases at 2000-2400m, good thermals but broken by the wind. The air is humid but getting drier. Wind from the northeast may create wave phenomena (unfortunately) on the eastern side of the Apennines.

9 ago rest day

10 ago

Today the competition resumes with two speed trials of 372 and 416km. Weather forecast for today: NE wind, good thermals not interrupted by the wind, cumulative base at about 3000m, there will be 33 degrees. The good new is that from tomorrow will arrive west/south/west wind, the best wind to fly straight up the ridge !

11 ago

Weather forecast for today: temperature of 33 degrees, QNH is 1016, good thermals with cumulus bases between 2300m and 3300m. Wind will be sa WSW on the western side of the Apennines and from NE on the eastern side. Convergence lines will be formed and with the west wind there will be ridge flights. Finally the good Rieti weather is back!

12 ago

Day 10. Temperatures will arrive at 34 degrees, QNH is1017 hPa. Bases cumulus will be at 3000m with good thermals speed. There will be convergences lines over Gransasso and Gorzano mountains. Task for today are speed tasks of about 370 km, first launch at 12.30 LT.Tomorrow will be the last day of Cim and the 15th will start Coppa Città di Rieti!

13 ago

Today's stable air will slow down thermals. In general, dry air is expected, especially in the east. Cumulus bases will be around 3200-3400 with west wind. QNH is 1016 with 34 degrees. A breeze front will form on Morrone, Gransasso, Gorzano, Vettore.

Ore 19. Arne Boye Moller (AB) and Arnaud De Broqueville (KK) are really enthusiastic about the sky of Rieti, about the organization of the competition and how it was directed by Aldo Cernezzi on the ground and in flight by radio, about how safety is managed and relationships are managed!

It is for these reasons that they love to come here every year from so far away (Belgium and Denmark!) promising to come back again. Thanks guys!

This evening at 7.30pm we had the prizegiving ceremony in grid, just in front the aeroclub Rieti. All the competitors were very happy for these days in Rieti: excelent food and beautiful landscapes; especially the last three days, with good meteo conditions and a lot of fun in flight with hight speeds!

The Contest director, Aldo Cernezzi, and the President of the Aeroclub, Enrico Bagnoli, made a speech, to thank you all staff and all the participants. The mayor of Rieti Antonio Cicchetti and the Councillor for Sport of the Municipality of Rieti were also present, very grateful to everyone for the participation in these competitions and for the passion that pilots have for this city! After the awards delivery, pictures were taken of the guys raising their cups over the podium. Many of the competitors left the airfield heading back to their countries whilst others will stay to take part to the next competition: the Coppa Città di Rieti that will start on August the 15th and we have about 50 inscriptions. Cheers Clara

Written on 10 August 2020 at 15:59.

COVID-19: Rules / regolamento

  Dear friends,   all participants, and in particular all the persons who require access to the "Pilot's rest area" AKA Camping and Swimming Pool, must follow the national and local Covd-19 rules. We have published three documents, in Ita+Eng languages, in the Download sections. It is of outmost importance that everybody reads, understands, accepts and complies to the provided guidelines.   A few people have accepted the huge responsibility to organise the CIM, to open the camping area and to ma...

Written by: Aldo Cernezzi on 2 August 2020 at 12:16.
Edited by: Aldo Cernezzi on 2 August 2020 at 22:28.

mappa e conversioni file - files format + new graphic map

    cari amici,   abbiamo pubblicato nella sezione Download i file di gara con le versioni dei diversi formati disponibili. Abbiamo inoltre pubblicato un'immagine della mappa del terreno di gara, con riportati tutti gli spazi aerei e tutti i punti di virata e di atterraggio.   We've just published the tp and as files, with conversion to the most popular formats. We've also published a graphic JPG file of the competition area. All TPs and AS are clearly visible. Please visit the Download section....

Written by: Aldo Cernezzi on 31 July 2020 at 10:43.

Punti di virata, vers. 2 / Turnpoint file, v.2

  Il file dei punti di virata è stato sottoposto a verifica e correzione. I luoghi atterrabili devono comunque essere considerati solamente indicativi. Non abbiamo effettuato ricognizioni dal vivo. Turnpoint file has been corrected. The landable areas must be considered advisory only. Use your best judgment before committing to fly at low altitudes, and landing. We did not inspect the fields in the real world.      

Written on 24 July 2020 at 17:45.

Bulletin n.2 was published ! - Bollettino n.2 da leggere con attenzione !

    dear friends,   Bulletin n.2 has been published for your attention. Updated TP and AS file are available as well. Thank you very much for understanding the Covid guidelines we have adopted.   Il Bollettino n.2 in italiano è stato pubblicato. Nella sezione Download trovate anche i nuovi file di gara (lo spazio aereo è invariato rispetto allo scorso anno).   See you very soon in Rieti!        

Written by: Aldo Cernezzi on 18 July 2020 at 23:06.
Edited by: Aldo Cernezzi on 18 July 2020 at 23:10.

CIM is alive and well

    Dear gliding friends,   the organising committee is working on the 2020 edition of the Coppa Internazionale del Mediterraneo. We are ready to adapt our usual procedures to the requirments of the national and health authorities regarding prevention of virus' spread. Our briefings will most probably take place online, with live conference web-based applications. You'll be required to register upon arrival by submitting scanned copies of all relevant documents (both pilot's and sailplane's docs...

Written by: Aldo Cernezzi on 8 June 2020 at 23:50.

Latest winner

1. Sironi & Bassalti 144.89 km/h
2. Ghiorzo & Passardi 139.17 km/h
3. Prodorutti & Pronzati 137.02 km/h
Updated: 23/08/2020, 10:52
1. Bert Schmelzer 151.10 km/h
2. Arne Boye-Møller 148.27 km/h
3. Davide Schiavotto 147.45 km/h
Updated: 23/08/2020, 10:53
1. Sironi & Bassalti 144.89 km/h
2. Prodorutti & Pronzati 137.02 km/h
3. Maldivi & Ferrero 131.91 km/h
Updated: 23/08/2020, 10:48
1. Davide Schiavotto 147.45 km/h
2. Giorgio Galetto 144.02 km/h
3. Giancarlo Grinza 142.67 km/h
Updated: 23/08/2020, 10:54

Latest task

Task 8, 13 Aug 2020
Task distance: 367.18 km
Updated: 13/08/2020, 16:44
Task 9, 13 Aug 2020
Task distance: 413.55 km
Updated: 13/08/2020, 16:45
Task 8, 13 Aug 2020
Task distance: 367.18 km
Updated: 13/08/2020, 18:58
Task 8, 13 Aug 2020
Task distance: 413.55 km
Updated: 13/08/2020, 19:00

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