Coppa Internazionale del Mediterraneo, Rieti - 2017

Rieti, Italy,   1 August 2017 – 12 August 2017


18 metri
1 LE Leigh Wells 8,405
2 ZC Dane Dickinson 8,311
3 Y Giorgio Galetto 7,935
1 HC Peter Hartmann 8,654
2 AS Alberto Sironi 8,094
3 AJ Alvaro De Orleans 7,808
1 VP V. Pinni + P. Lanzieri 7,921
2 3 H. Pirker + M. Wolff 7,521
3 KZP A. Ferrero + E. Sarti 7,064

August 12 th

(English text below)

Ieri sera si è conclusa la Coppa Internazionale del Mediterraneo 2017 con la cena di chiusura in un clima di festa e grande entusiasmo per le belle giornate di volo che hanno offerto una meteo veramente eccezionale, un’ottima organizzazione che ha permesso di volare in giornate con qualche difficoltà per il vento in decollo, gli incendi molto frequenti e l’intensa attività degli elicotteri che operano su questa pista. Molti piloti si sono congratulati per la scelta dei temi di gara che calzavano a pennello con la meteo! Molti stanno partendo, altri restano per la Coppa città di Rieti altri ancora stanno arrivando: ci saranno circa 50 alianti più 7 della classe promozione, dal 14 al 20 agosto.
Yesterday evening during the closing dinner we had the prizegiving ceremony. All the competitors were very happy for these days in Rieti with fast and fun tasks: a lot of fun in flight although the problems with fires, take off south wind, helicopters very busy on the field, they also apreciated exelent food and beautiful landscapes. Many of them are going back home, some are remaining for Coppa Città di Rieti, others are arriving: we expect about 50 pilots for next competition from 14th to 20th August.

Written on 12 August 2017 at 09:48.

August 11 th - Day 10

17 pm. Today’s gilders were launched from the southern end of the runway with about 10 KTS of tailwind. All gliders were airborne by 2 pm in a sky full of high cumulus. 10 am. Day 10 is the last competition day. This evening the prizegiving ceremony will take place during the closing dinner. We are expecting about 100 people. Meteo forecast: - A lightweight front is passing in the northern and central regions of the Italian peninsula. - Moderate SW winds in the central regions and especially in...

Written on 11 August 2017 at 15:09.

August 10 th - Day 9 (Cancelled)

At 2 pm the 18 meter class and open class were gridded on runway 16. At 2,20 pm, after launching 4 gliders, the contest director, the line manager and the chief tow pilot jointly decided to stop the take offs and to cancel today’s task due to exessive and gusty cross wind: 10/18 Kts from west. One of the four pilots in flight then reported that at Monte Nuria (very close to the airport) clouds base was unexpectedly low, whict would have made the task quite challenging to complete. 12 am. An atmo...

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August 9 th - Day 8

15 pm. Today's tail wind, 6 to 9 knots, forced us to grid the glider's real, real tight so as to maximize the TORA (Take Off Run Avaiable) 12 am. Today we have wind from South/West. Only in South East of the task’s area there will be good thermal activity with cumulus above 4.000 m. Good SW winds North of the task’s area; weak winds from SW with Adriatic sea breezes in the SE area. Probably wave of SW wind. Thermal activity will probabily decrease at 5 pm LT in the center area, at 6 pm LT over t...

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August 8 th (rest day)

Today is rest day, mandated by the rules after 7 (intense !) competition days. The Contest Director jumped at the opportunity, ran to his trailer, rigged his glider, gridded it and said he will be back late… 😊

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August 7 th - Day 7

3 pm. Finally, today's beautiful cumulus also in the Rieti valley and great visibility! Tempreratures are lower: around 36 degrees. All the gliders are in flight and will be back from around 6 pm. There are new fires: one is west monte Nuria and another on the south of monte Giano. 11.30 am. Weather situation has changed: wind is from NE. Good day, but we expect rain showers in Rivisondoli, Pescasseroli, south and south east area, East Gorzano. Weak winds from northeast with breezes of the Tyrrh...

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August 6 th - Day 6

3 pm. Difficult task setting today. Initial task vetoed by civil aviation authority due to multiple airborne firefighting operations inside the competition area. Contest director somehow found ways to fly around the affected zones. Launches delayed until got the tasks approved. 10am. Forecast for today: West and South West weak wind. Cloudbase  from 3,500m to 4,500m on the South, East  side. The best area will be:Gran Sasso, Gorzano, Fabriano, Avezzano, Rivisondoli, Orvieto, Arezzo. Sea breeze a...

Written on 6 August 2017 at 08:34.

August 5 th - Day 5

8 pm. A great meteo also today with strong thermal activity (4,5,6 m/s), good ridge with enough west wind and with convergence conditions to fly straight ahead! The gliders flew at 140/150 kmh with great satisfaction!

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August 4 th - Day 4

12 am. For today we expect south-south/west wind, cumulus bases from 3500 m to 4500 m to the southeast and northeast. The best areas will be Pescasseroli, Meta Mountains, Rivisondoli with Adriatic sea breeze and convergences area. Good, strong and regular thermals, but in the north they will be turbolent and broken where the wind is stronger. Thermals begin to deteriorate from 5 pm in the East area and at 6 pm in the north and south area.

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August 3rd–Day 3

(English text below) Ore 19. Decisamente una giornata divertente e veloce! I concorrenti stanno atterrando con grandi sorrisi di soddisfazione. Qualcuno ha fatto 160 kmh di media anche grazie alle zone di convergenza che erano state indicate precisamente stamattina al briefing. Con esatte previsioni meteo si riescono a fare temi che permettono di raggiungere queste medie altissime!  7 pm. It was definitely a fun and fast day! Competitors are landing with great smiles of satisfaction. Someone ave...

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Latest winner

1. Dane Dickinson 153.75 km/h
2. Heimo Demmerer 147.18 km/h
3. Leigh Wells 145.24 km/h
Updated: 19/08/2017, 14:39
1. Peter Hartmann 147.77 km/h
2. Alberto Sironi 145.65 km/h
3. Michael Rass 144.96 km/h
Updated: 19/08/2017, 14:38
1. H. Pirker + M. Wolff 149.34 km/h
2. R. Istel + 1 139.16 km/h
3. G. Marchisio +1 126.60 km/h
Updated: 19/08/2017, 14:37

Latest task

Task 10, 11 Aug 2017
Task distance: 459.98 km
Updated: 11/08/2017, 16:08
Task 10, 11 Aug 2017
Task distance: 459.98 km
Updated: 11/08/2017, 16:09
Task 10, 11 Aug 2017
Task distance: 385.60 km
Updated: 11/08/2017, 16:10

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