FCC Gliding 2017

Prievidza, Slovakia,   23 April 2017 – 4 May 2017

Task 2, 15 m Class, 24 April 2017

Task version: dfs (v8)
Turnpoint Distance Direction Observation zone
056Cigel 4.86 km 278.2° Line 10.00 km (Radius 5.00 km)
140Klastor_pod_Znievom 26.34 km 20.6° Cylinder R=0.50 km
276Predpoloma 70.87 km 267.3° Cylinder R=0.50 km
236Nova_Bana 84.39 km 131.7° Cylinder R=0.50 km
199LZSY 53.04 km 226.8° Cylinder R=0.50 km
083FL040 80.36 km 24.3° Cylinder R=3.00 km
Total: 315.00 km

Task notes

RWY IN USE: 220, FREQ FOR TAKE OFF 123,475 MHz, FOR START; FINISH AND LANDING: 122,60 MHz; GRID CLOSED: 11:55 LT; FIRST LAUNCH: 11:30 LT; RELEASE HEIGHT: 600 m QFE; FINISH LINE CLOSE: AT SUNSET - SUNSET TIME 19:50 LT; LEFT circling 5 km from PRIEVIDZA; QNH: 1020 hPa; MAX.ALTITUDE:8000 ft (2438 m MSL) except Orava, Fatra, Chopok 9 500 ft (2 895 m MSL) and under TMA 4 Poprad FL 100, Czech and Poland FL095; PERMANENTLY PROHIBITED AREAS: OUTCARE, LZP1_MOCHOVCE, TMA Sliac, CTR Sliac, LZR225A, LZR225B, LZTRA 65, CTR Poprad, TMA 1,2,3,4 Poprad, TMA 4 Bratislava; LKP13 Vrbetice;
PROHIBITED AREA FOR TODAY: CTR Piešťany, TMA 1, 2 Piešťany, LZTSA 06A, LZTSA 06B, LZTSA 06C, LZR 60A, LZR 60B, CTR Zilina, TMA 1,2,3 Zilina without Martinky;
Danger area: LZD1 Sklene
PHOHE NUMBERS (IN CASE OF OUTLANDING): +421 908 706 340 E-mail to send igc file: igcfcc2017@gmail.cc

Inactive airspaces: TRA11A PAPA ALPHA, TMA 3 KOSICE - 119,850 MHz, TMA 2 KOSICE - 119,850 MHz, TMA 1 KOSICE - 119,850 MHz, SVK Border, RUTOL AREA, Per TIZ, PAPA MTMA, MISKOLC, LZTSA 10, LZTSA 09W, LZTSA 09A, LZTRA05, LZTRA04A, LZTRA03 Military Malacky 120,750 MHz, LZTRA02 Malacky APP 120,750 MHz, LZTRA01 Malacky APP 120,750 MHz, LZR90, LZR60B, LZR60A, LZR55, LZR50 Uh, LZR49 Sobrance, LZR40, LZR315 PRESOV - 135,5 MHz, LZR314 MALACKY 129,575 MHz, LZR313B, LZR28, LZR24 Lest, LZR223 Turecky Vrch Viktor, LZR222 Turecky Vrch Peter, LZR113B, LZR113A, LZR100A, LZR10 Rutol, LZR NOTAM A0638/17, LZR NOTAM A0636/17, LZP29 Jaslovske Bohunice, LZP23 SALA, LZD2 Slovnaft, LZD1 Sklene, LKP13 VRBETICE, LHTRA23E EAST ECHO, LHTRA23D EAST DELTA, LHSA1 AEROBATIS AREA1, LHD55 SZUGY MOFRI, LHD34 MOFRI, LHD30 ERD, LHD29 MOFRI, LHD21, LHD17 MOFRI, EP TRA 63 OPOLE RADIO 122.2 MHz, EP TRA 55 Nowy Targ RADIO 122.300 MHz, EP TRA 16 Kamien RADIO 120.3 MHz, EP TRA 130, EP TRA 08 Rybnik RADIO 122.4 MHz, EP P6 TARNOW, EP P5 OSWIECIM, EP P4 BIERUN, EP P2 KRUPSKI MLYN, EP P13 OLESNO, DANUBE, CTR STEFANIK VEZA - 118,300 MHz, CTR KOSICE - 120,400 MHz, Boleraz 2, Boleraz 1