Hus Bos Challenge Cup International 2020

Husbands Bosworth, United Kingdom,   18 July 2020 – 26 July 2020

COVID-19 Update - Challenge Cup International 2020

Good morning everyone,

due to the COVID-19 situation and unertainty, we have postponed WWGC2021 until August 2022. Therefore the 'International' bit in the 2020 Challenge Cup - ie the chance for pre-worlds practice - will also be postponed until 2021, date to be confirmed.

What does this mean for all pilots entered into the 2020 competition?
Right now, we are not sure whether or not we will be in a position to run a competition in 2020. This will be based not only on whether we are allowed to fly, but also safety considerations - whether people will have a chance to be properly current for a competition. If we cancel this year's competition, you will be able to defer your entry to 2021 or claim a refund.

What does this mean for our International pilots?
As 2020 is no longer the 'pre-worlds', any International pilot who wants to defer their entry until 2021 will be able do so - although if we fly this year, you are very welcome to participate!

We will review this in the coming weeks, and expect to give you an update in May when we hope the lockdown position has become clearer. In the meanwhile, stay healthy, and we hope to see you soon,

best wishes

Liz and Colin
Team HusBos Challenge Cup (International)

Written by: Colin Davey on 10 April 2020 at 09:24.