Husbands Bosworth Challenge Cup 2019

Husbands Bosworth, United Kingdom,   3 August 2019 – 11 August 2019


CN Contestant Club Glider Class Handicap
Y9 John Ferguson The Gliding Centre ASW 28E/18m Unknown 106
FUU Graeme Cooksey Wolds GC DG 300 Club Elan Unknown 95
806 Richard Carter Wolds GC Std. Cirrus Unknown 90.5
HVR Andy Parish Yorkshire GC Discus Unknown 98
440 Paul Rice Essex & Suffolk GC Duo Discus T Unknown 101.5
TL David Rance Midland GC JS 1 C Unknown 116
JF Julian Fack Midland GC Duo Discus T Unknown 101
NO Peter Goodchild Yorkshire GC PIK 20 D Unknown 96
S9 Chris Luton The Gliding Centre ASG 29/18m Unknown 111
DMN Gareth Francis SGU Mosquito Unknown 98
U1 Jon Bevan The Gliding Centre Discus 2c Fes Unknown 106
ZA Tony Brown SGU ASW20C Unknown 100.5
EF Clive Groves The Gliding Centre DG 1000T Unknown 102
EW2 John Strzbrakowski The Gliding Centre LAK 19/18m Unknown 106
XL5 Kate Byrne SGU Discus 2c Fes Unknown 106
347 Geoff Glazebrook London LS 6/17.5m Unknown 106
S4 Tom Pavis Rufforth Std. Libelle Unknown 89
KA Neal Clements Midland Duo Discus T Unknown 101
SW Richard Kalin York Gliding Centre Ventus bT/15m Unknown 101.5
X7 John Klunder Bowland Forest Antares 18T Unknown 111
I3 Alan Boyle SGU DG 303 Unknown 97
GEE David Plumb Trent Valley Libelle H201 Unknown 89
333 Peter Stafford Allen Norfolk Ventus Unknown 101.5
XX Adrian Docherty SGU Duo Discus XLT Unknown 102
692 Peter Dixon Trent Valley LS 4 Unknown 96
345 Mike Bond Rufforth DG 800/18m Unknown 110
Z35 Colin Metcalfe Trent Valley Marianne Unknown 91
BP Barry Pridgeon Trent Valley Asw27b Unknown 104
871 Rebecca Bryan Cambridge Duo Discus T Unknown 101
GDX David Bieniasz Trent Valley Discus Unknown 98.5
FVN Kristina Samuels Trent Valley Pegase 101a Unknown 96
983 Kelly Teagle Yorkshire GC Kestrel 19 Unknown 102
FTJ Stephen Nock Trent Valley Std Jantar 2 Unknown 92
620 G-JIFI Syndicate Lasham Duo Discus T Unknown 101
B17 Bob Bromwich Bannerdown Lak17bfes Unknown 110
291 David Crowson Midland Gliding Glub Arcus T Unknown 107
FBN Steve Nash Lasham Mosquito Unknown 98.5
217 Philip Morgan Shalbourne Ventus 2b Unknown 102
977 Brian Scougall SGU Duo Discus T Unknown 101
EEF Alex James Shalbourne LS 4 Unknown 96
246 Carol Marshall Dorset LS 7 Unknown 97
JBA Basil Fairston Bicester Silent 2 Unknown 94
797 Alastair Mutch SGU Discus 2T/18m Unknown 106
217 Chris Bessent Rivar Hill Ventus b Unknown 104
38 Richard Large Husbands Bosworth Arcus T Unknown 107