3rd FAI 13.5 m World Gliding Championship

Pavullo, Italy,   1 September 2019 – 14 September 2019

Welcome to the 3rd FAI 13.5 m WGC


Welcome to the 3rd FAI 13.5 m WGC


The Aeroclub of Pavullo, on behalf of the National Airsport Control "Aero Club d'Italia", is proud and honored to invite the Gliding Teams from the whole world to take part in the 3rd edition of the FAI World Gliding Champioship of the 13.5 meter class.

The competition will be managed under the set of rules provided by the FAI and the IGC in the Sporting Code and the Annex A. Following the decisions finalised at the next IGC plenary meeting (March 8-9th, 2019), the mass or wing loading limtations may be revised, so keep an eye on the FAI informations and on the competition page www.wgc2019.it for the final definition of the competition rules.


Aldo Cernezzi - competition director

Written by: Aldo Cernezzi on 14 January 2019 at 14:51.

Latest winner

1. Thomas Gostner 63.98 km/h
2. Stefano Ghiorzo 63.14 km/h
3. Christoph Matkowski 62.38 km/h
Updated: 14/09/2019, 23:55

Latest task

Task 11, 14 Sep 2019
Task distance: 111.83 km  /  254.00 km  (181.58 km)
Task duration: 2:25:00
Updated: 14/09/2019, 23:55
Task 6, 7 Sep 2019
Task distance: 216.38 km
Updated: 07/09/2019, 15:39