2019 Lake Keepit Regatta

Lake Keepit, Australia,   23 February 2019 – 2 March 2019

Keepit Pilots, once again First and Second......

Keepit Goin' you Keepit Pilots,   today the weather was good, but,  it looked quite interesting,   and those of us back here at Keepit Base thought that there might be a  tiny bit of hard work happening out on task.  Only a couple of outlandings, both not far away,  so they were taken care of and are now back here on the airfield.

Jay(YL) finished nicely with 1000 points, followed by Casey (B3) on 919 points,  and then in a Duo Discus (IE) came Ian and Rohan,  good job everyone..

Written by: Peter Summerfeldt on 28 February 2019 at 09:13.

Latest winner

1. Dave Pickles 116.99 km/h
2. Steventon & Hall/Smith 116.05 km/h
3. Barnes & Fagan 121.96 km/h
Updated: 02/03/2019, 22:54

Latest task

Task 8, 2 Mar 2019
Task distance: 207.73 km  /  463.15 km  (220.62 km)
Task duration: 3:00:00
Updated: 02/03/2019, 08:34