Montluçon-Gueret International Glide 2020

Montluçon-Guéret, France,   16 August 2020 – 22 August 2020

Last news


As we have a lot of competitors who want to fly the competition, we increase to 50 gliders.

As we want maximum pilots to train in our aera for next WGC, we accept 20m multi-seat gliders. Scoring for the standard, 15m and 20m multi-seat class will be with French FFVP handicaps.

If there is too much competitors, the only selected by their NAC will compete up to a total of 50 gliders.

Written by: Thierry Paris on 17 May 2020 at 10:11.

Replacing French National

As we have to cancel French National Championship in Club Class and as we are organizing 2021 WGC, we will do an International Competition where National Teams may come to train on next year flight area. Maximum gliders permited 40, only Club, Standard and 15m Classes. There will be 2 scorings. 1 for Club class, 1 for Standard and 15m classes.

Written by: Thierry Paris on 7 May 2020 at 17:12.